Thursday, March 31, 2011

Thank You

I have to say thank you to my inner guide. I have come so far, and am so grateful for all the help and love bestowed upon me.
I am currently living with family and we are not of like mind. I also have a special needs child that is very hard to take most days. This morning she got up, and was crying. The person downstairs could hear her. He made a huff, said "Jesus Christ !", and left. Well, I know it is hard for all of us. I was very disappointed to realize that she was, or could very well be, a problem for the rest of her life. Either way, I had to accept it and learn to care for her with love. Acceptance is not easy to understand. It is the decision to deal with the issue as it is, not keep looking for it to change. Now this is hard to think of because many of us need change to make life bearable. Change will come. Life is forever changing. You have to accept what is to allow the new to move in. The acceptance is the lack of resistance. When you resist, the stress of the problem fills the energetic place of what is trying to come in and replace the problem issue.
Now, what I understood today was that your resistance is a form of that energy too. The resistance is a feeling of need for change. It forces you to look in to your inner energy for help. I can not control that I live here or that my child is hard to live with, but I can control my reactions. That is power in a huge way! I have been dealing with the resistance of us living here since we moved in. I have gone through phases of pain over it and today, I thought about it, and realized that it was my inner energy that was creating the pain to propel me into a new location. I felt undying gratitude! You see we are energy and that energy repels and attracts. So, what ruffles my energy system will send me away. Likewise, what makes me calm is what the energy gives me more of, it attracts. I walk every day, two to three times, to a house I want to live in. I always take the time to pray there and know that somehow my energy is working on me getting there. We need a home so badly. It is the worst thing in the world to live in a home were you are not welcome. You never really feel safe and you never really feel like you can be.
Having a place to be the essential you is so important to being the best Being you can be. I know that it is all being worked out and that maybe I needed to live through this to appreciate, teach and love what I will have when it is all over. I sureonow I have a true sense of understanding that I never had, a sense of peace, and love for those that are unconsciously fallowing the energy of life. So thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Empty Apologies

Did you ever tell someone that you were sorry for hurting their feelings and know that it would not matter in the end? I went to talk to a lady today that told me that I was the only parent who told her that she was doing something wrong, and that it hurt her feelings. This, apparently, hurt her feelings for days, she was so upset. Well, I said that I was sorry and, indeed, I genuinely felt sorry. But, I knew that it was hollow. You see, when you apologize for hurting someone, you are apologizing to their ego. The ego is a hollow entity. So, when you use your emotions to make people behave, or do what you think is right, you are left feeling empty. I was apologizing to a feeling, not even to her, as the beautiful being that I know that she is, not even this emotion. I know in my heart that she just feels fresh now in her anger. She is mulling over and over, thinking of how right she is. I know that she does not feel better about the apology because her soul is not healed from it. Her soul itself is not wounded by the exchange, it needed no apologies. So she will still feel empty.

Your inner self is stronger that the world's feelings and perceptions. It does not get hurt feelings. It is not hurt by anything that happens and that is the essential you. Your inner guide will use emotions to communicate to you and help you know when to change or do something differently. Inner selves do not think of the feelings the same way that we do either. If you feel hurt by something that someone said, it could be a clue to see how you may be taking things personally, or that you are letting old memories cloud how you are dealing in this moment. All of your emotions are there to help you grow. They are guides to look inside for inner guidance and growth. We, the people, think our emotions are for eradicating, so we can have a stable and secure life. Change is hard for the ego. It likes complete control so it does not have to change. It likes the outside power of its childish ways. When you learn that you are bigger, deeper, and far stronger with out the egoist emotions, you are not happy with them anymore . I do have to say that it is also an inner guide thing to want stability of the emotions. Your body and emotional system are not designed to have much fluctuation in emotion. This is also a call to your inner guide to mature you into learning that you are untouched by others' actions. Their actions do not effect the essential inner you. We all know in our core that we are deeper, stronger, and powerful.

People that have not learned to feel themselves as there inner selves, or to control there minds, will not feel satisfied by the exchanges they have. They are talking through, and perceiving themselves, as  hollow entities, lacking the power of spirit.  All of life will be empty, and feel emotionally unstable. So, do not settle for empty apologies, become whole. Follow your inner guide. Just be.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

You Are Not Our Feelings

I have stood up to someone in my life and now she needs me to listen to her side of the story. As all people do when they feel they are right, they want an audience to listen to them and then be able to jam their perceptions down their throats. I have to say that this lady is a blessing to the world, she tries to do the best and has good intentions. But she is still in the beginner stages of learning. When you first start to learn and practice, or not, following you inner guide, you become a judgmental, which is a fundamental problem for others. You are convinced you are right and that you are doing the world a service, and you are. Yet, on another level of reality, you are still trying to mix what you used to know with what you are learning. You can not mix. You have to choose. The guide will teach you that your feelings and emotions are not who you are, but the old you will still want to be defined by the feelings. If you are defined buy the feelings, you have justification to be mad at others for hurting your feelings. This allows you to control them. You will always hurt others in this stage. You want attention and control. It is the outside world of control that you are familiar with, and what you are trying to learn is the inside control. But you will always resort to what you are familiar with, until you practice what you are not familiar with enough to make it a habit. When you start to learn inside control, you don't have the need to control others as much. Eventually, your guide will teach you that what you truly want is inside control, and not to control others on the outside. You will want to have inside control only because you realize that is is the only true power.

Now this lady requested I come over and talk to her. She told me that she was upset for days about being told she was harassing others. Well, she was. But to her, she was doing a service in the community, ridding the world of people that are not nice to her and her kids. Now this is her perception, but not the reality of the situation. I know she is right, in her mind, but, I am right too. I am very clear about this. You can not keep calling people to tell them they are mean, seven times in fifteen minutes. This is harassment by definition. It is the law. I am not mad. I know she did what she thought was right, but I will not have this behavior in my home. So, I feel fine about removing the issue from my home and thoughts. I do not think about her much. I control my mind and have moved on. When I do pass by her home and think of her, I bless her, and family. I do hope that in some way she learns that she is not her feelings. She is far stronger and deeper person than that.

Emotional Intelligence teaches that you are your inner guide, and that your emotions are a guide to learn from your inner self. They are not who you are, or a reason to be angry at others.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

People are Blessings

Everyone in your life is a blessing, even if you can't see them a such. We all have people that are thorns in our side, but those are the people that we are to learn from the most. We learn to overcome adversity through these people and we have those that are so apparently blessings to give us reprieves from the pain of the others. Do not think that you can rid yourself of the people that rub you the wrong way. They are the people that make us reflect the most, and learn the most, about ourselves. Everyone that is in your life is there by divine energetic plan. You could have taken another turn and learned something along the way that made you skip the person. Energy makes no mistakes. We are with these people because we are best suited to learn from them and they are best to learn from us.
It all seems so impossible. Life seems chaotic when we live it, yet there is a perfect order to energy. We are energy that attracts the very circumstances that we need to grow and learn about our very selves. Learning about ourselves makes us conscious about the very energy we are and the energy that ruins the world. I do not want you to take my word for any of this. Practice it yourself. Sit quietly and feel the energy in and around you. As you become more aware of yourself as this type of being and start to live through this feeling self, you will see that you are a blessing and all around you is a blessing.

We run on energy and respond to it, as it feeds our very life. We all want to serve this energy. We are tripping over one another to do charity these days. This is a call from the energy itself, a movement to be our higher potential. It feels good and we forget our little lives when we think of serving the people in our lives. I will admit the people that are hardest to see as a blessing are the very people that we need to serve the most. We are their blessings and they bring out the best in us, they become our blessings. It is all a circle of energy to live on.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Earned Giving

Do you know someone that feels you have to earn there generosity? This conditional giving makes you feel less than a whole person. Energy of this kind does not see you as a whole being. It keeps you proving that you are worthy and that makes you repeat the same mistakes over and over because you never feel good enough. Energetically, energy is what feeds you, the real you. The energy being you are inside, lives and sustains itself on energy itself.  Now, if you are living with or surrounded by people that live with their thoughts in the physical world, you will be drained by the collective thoughts around you. This is were depression comes in. You have to work hard to see and know yourself as whole or the thoughts of others will overcome you. Once you get to the point that you see yourself as whole, their thoughts will not effect you. This is consciousness.
We all give conditionally in the beginning. That is what makes giving so hard. We start to learn that giving is in all forms. We can give a home, money, a compliment, or a kind thought. All forms are giving, but if you give conditionally, your thoughts will suck the life out of the very person you are trying to help. Your thoughts behind the interaction are that feeds them or brings them down.
I have a teenage daughter. She is a usual teen and has wonderful traits, but some selfish ones too. I do not see this as a problem. But I have a family member that does. This family member gave her some money for what she needed for sports, but it came with a conditional note. She would have pay it back if she did not finish the sport season. I was very proud of her, she refused the money and paid for it herself. She later asked me why it made her so mad, I explained that it was because the money was not given freely and that the energy behind the gift did not honor her as a whole being.
The energy behind the giving is that they will fail and that they are not be good enough for generosity. There is another layer that if you have to earn something you are not worthy of it. As a whole being, we are worthy of all that we need. I know this is not how the world works, that is why there is so much lack, but energy works this way. When you feel yourself as an energy being you know you are worthy of all of life, you just have to follow that energy to obtain it. There is a subtle thought shift here, energy is worthy  because it is the things itself. There is a humility to this thought, we work toward getting the thing close to us, but we are worthy of having it. In the physical world, we have done the work to get it, so it looks like we have earned it.
There are many layers to life and some people see things from an earthly point and others see them from an energy point. Giving something that the person needs to earn, energetically tells them they are not worth your effort of giving. Please don't give this way, it ruins relationships.

Friday, March 25, 2011


Consciousness is living every moment with the knowledge that we are energy beings before we are human beings. This means that we are to look and feel that energy in all that we do. It is a slower and more humble life. It takes time to see all as a whole and not just from one's own point of view. It also brings out the best in all of the people we deal with. We all want to be seen as beings with the potential of the best the world has to offer.
I can tell you a story about how energy keeps us stuck, or frees us for the best. I have a family member that has the money in the family. This person doles it out when we get into a need for it. But, this person's background thought is that we do not learn from our mistakes. Now I can tell you I know my mistakes, but there is an irresistible urge to not give the money back when I have it to give. I know because I am conscious enough to feel this pull and let it play on my thoughts for a day or so when I get money. My thoughts are that I should pay it back, but that I need so much else and that this person will not think better of me if I did pay it back. She would not, you know. People with this mentality need to think ill of others to feel better about themselves. So the energy universe, of which we all are made, gives us the energy to play out this drama every time we have the chance. Others do not see us as whole when they have background thoughts of our not deserving of their charity. They are seeing us as a problem and this energy keeps us as a problem in their lives. Their very thoughts come into our energy field every time they think or talk about us. It is the very energy that they are emitting that keep us acting badly in there eyes. If I was to win the lottery I would pay this person off in behalf of all the family and friends that she is always mentioning that owe her money. I want them to be free of the energy pull that it creates in their lives. I want them to heal, to be whole.

I can not stress this enough. It is this kind of consciousness that we need to free ourselves of the problems in our lives. I also feel so much better to have seen someone for the energy that they are. I am so happy to treat them as a whole being and know that I have added to the healing of the world. Consciousness heals us and that is what heals the world.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Rules and Regulations

We, the people, are stuck on the rules. We are afraid to do what is right for fear of getting into trouble. We seem to have lost sight of the fact that we don't all fit into a mold of humanity What makes us different is what brings new and wonderful solutions into the world. The true problem is that by being forced to follow the rules and regulations we leave out the possibility of following our guidance, and our guidance is what is going to make us successful people. Call it guidance, a hunch, or intuition, it is what keeps us safe and brings us solutions. Some of us know that the value in following this guidance and that our society, by and large, does not allow it.

Now, I have to say, there is a widening division of people in the world at this time. The ones that do believe and those that live in the "rules" world. They make the rules and they are based on someone else's misbehavior, or repeated behavior. The rule makers are tired of dealing with the misbehaved people. They are people that do not follow their guidance either. What I am saying is that when they finally decide to make the rules, it is because they are so tired of the problem. They forget that there is a being under all this and that at some point, another being is not going to be able to conform and stay true to their inner self.
This may be abstract, so let me give you an example. Now my kids are in school and they are getting more and more rules and regulations and they refuse to bend them in any way. Even if you are going to comply, they will not help you. I have a daughter that is 10 years old, in fourth grade. She came home in tears because they put a no talking ban in her school. Now I am intelligent enough to understand that they are trying to cut down on the bullying, which is a national epidemic. But, this leaves out childhood friendships and socialization.  It is a natural instinct to help others and talking is part of this good behavior, and now they can't talk in school. The teachers have gone as far as threatening the kids with the police and telling them they will be expelled. It is spiritual guidance to talk and communicate with the world around you and this hampers the development of the whole person.

The time is here of persecution for following you inner self, and more and more are going to be feeling the push to not conform because of their inner guidance demanding that we see each other as beings. We are not a collective that needs conformity to rules and regulations. We are spiritual energy.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Birds Sing to Me

Yes in the ultimate reality of emotional intelligence, the birds sing to us all, the graces of life itself.
I remember one morning about half way through my first marriage being woke by birds singing. My husband, out of the quiet of the morning said, "They sing for you." It was a corny little love thing to say at the time, but I have always held it dear to my heart. Many of times through these years I have thought of him saying this to me, not feeling like there was any reality to it. But, we all know in our hearts and souls, that they do, in fact, sing for us. It is the spiritual truth that all is one. We say this, know it to be true, but living it makes us live to a higher standard. We avoid living here, it is too much work on those days we want some extra attention because we feel slighted.

In the end we know deep within ourselves that we are part of the whole world. I woke this morning to a beautiful song in my head, and went out to walk the dog. There I found the birds singing to me. I remember the days that I used to awaken angry, groggy and sad. But, I have slowly seen an improvement in my happiness level. The "energy that is one" is always working to better your life, and as I have seen, it has worked in mine. I take no credit for the change in my mind, I know I could have not have done it on my own. All I did was be persistent in asking that inner energy for its help in healing. I read, listen to and watch all those that have been on this path before me. I have heard Echart Tolle, Emily Dickinson, Shakespeare, and many others say the same thing. The whole of the world sings for us to heal. It is a beautiful knowing that there is so much power within us, kind of like a private cheering squad.
Just think of those that can not move, maybe even those who are imprisoned. They can see the world this way and find peace and happiness in the power that is in them. I know that I have no excuse for not seeing the world this way all my life, other than I did not know it existed. I have lived an average life, nothing as bad as some have. But, I found my way here. I encourage you to find your way down this path too, because living with the birds makes life worth living.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Emotional Charity

Charity that you can walk away from and not care about the outcome is the highest form of blessing your inner energy can give. When you realize that you are guided and have a task to do, walking away and being grateful you helped is the best gift to yourself and the world. Most of us are not equipped to do this though. We watch what the other people do. We judge them and say they should have taken our help and done something else with it, or made some other decision. We get mad half way through the process and judge that they are not grateful, don't return our help in the way we want their affection to be returned to us.

The reality is that we may need to help, and all help is a guidance from inner energy. We may need to help someone that is sick, that is the energy that they need to feel whole, but they do not see it that way. All they do is complain about is what they don't have now. All my life I have had an attraction to helping people directly, Sick, elderly, displaced, you name it, I try to rescue them. What I understand now is not that I was helping them in this world. I was, but he important thing is that I was in the spot to help them feel whole again. Of course I was not whole myself, so I did not understand this view point. I just got tired of it all and mad that they did not feel better that I was helping.
I recently had to move in with family, they did not have the emotional strength to see it this was either.
I know they have the money to support us, but they do not want to spend it this way. So they wanted me to pay them back buy going to get free food every other week. Well I like good food and I don't like the free stuff, food banks give out, I also know they can afford food along with all the rest.  They also knew I had no way to get other resources, I got mad and felt as if they were abusing the system through me, I did not feel right about taking food we did not need. Most of all I knew it did not make me feel whole when I was sitting in line for food. I did speak up, and I did realize I wanted them to see me as whole. I understood for the first time that giving to someone had to be unconditional, other wise you emotionally wound them.

When someone has the capacity to see you as an essentially whole being even if you are in need, they are working the highest form of emotional charity. This has the capacity to heal you of any lack. We all are whole, it is our pain about life that makes us become less. So, see yourself as whole and understand that all the people in your life are here to fill some need, allowing you to BE whole. Most of all remember you are here to fill spots of lack in there lives also. Give with emotional maturity.

Sunday, March 20, 2011


We all need affirmations. But, did you know when you don't say them to others, that has its own energy pattern too? I am not telling you that you need to go around telling everyone that they are great, and that they do great work in this world, every time you talk. I am saying that you know people that are working hard and you decide you don't like all that they do. Or, that you don't feel like being nice at that moment, but you have the feeling you should say something nice. Those are the times your energy is sending the message that you don't think they are worthy.

I have lived the majority of my life with people that did not like what I had to say. They just did not want to be better people at the times I wanted them to be better. I still live with people that do not want to talk to me because they just do not want to hear that there is an entire reality other than their own. We say short nice things in passing, nothing in depth. I crave talking in depth. It touches my soul and no other conversation is more satisfying than one that has touched my inner being. Needless to say, they want to cut out my authentic self. That is the energy they convey unknowingly. Silence is not always a call for peace, although it can be used that way. It can also hold its own energy when you use it with emotional immaturity. You can use silence in the opposite manner also. It can be a call for peace. You have to be conscious of what your energy is conveying and do it with purpose. If you are using silence for peace you will have to occasionally say nice things to show that you value what the other person is doing. The consciousness itself will have the power to transform the energy to convey what needs to be said.

What I am talking about is the things you know you should say but don't. We all have gotten the feeling that we should say something nice and not said it, ignoring our inner energy. Those are the times that you are using energy to think "I don't want to," and that sends the other person the message they are not worthy of your respect and honor.

On an energy level though, the energy itself is talking to you in its own language. It is teaching you that you are worthy. The energy will show you that what others say is not a reflection of yourself.  They just may be too immature emotionally to be able to say nice things. This is so hard to see when you are not feeling strong and taking it all personally. The energy that you are worthy comes out when you stop and think, "I do do great work." Energy itself is trying to get you to a point that you feel worthy, so you can then follow its guidance. Following guidance is hard to do because, most of the time, you can rationalize your way out of it.

Feeling worthy is a feeling of confidence in your inner self. When you follow it, peace will prevail.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Peace and Happiness

I am at the end. I only want peace and happiness. Life daily gives us all things to find problems with. I have three children and one of them has special needs. There is always something to combat, fix, or improve upon. I have been telling everyone I know lately that I am not cut out to be a mom. It is not a peaceful life aspiration. I do believe though that there is peace in the way I see my life. There are times that my life goes so smoothly, and I lie in bed wondering what I did that made that day so different. I can usually see that I lived through my inner guide that day, but the days that are bristly, I can not put my finger on were I fell into the abyss that is my inner self. I say bristly, because when I put my youngest to bed, I often feel like a dog unwinding that has been petted against the fur all day. I want my days to go smoothly, and to express my love in all that I do. But, sometimes your guidance tells you to speak up, to not comply with those around you. I follow it and then I get thrown off track, with me having to improve those around me.
I want to teach self regulation and self discipline to my kids, and I learned from experience that violence does not teach these things. These skills and healthy self-esteem are what make people successful. When you feel confident in following your inner energy, you can do anything. That is the power that makes worthy changes in the world. I know that I need to guide and remind a thousand times, but I am tired of seeing it as a problem. I want above all to be happy and love them, to give them a place of peace where they know that they can accomplish anything.  I am not cut out to be a mom from anyone else's perspective.
I know it sounds kind of selfish; to want peace before teaching my kids. But, perhaps they learn more from what I do do than what I say. I also know that I am a better person when I am happy. I make better decisions and don't regret what I say and do. I have told my kids over and over, but they are kids and choose the easy way out. I am tired of thinking of it in these terms though.
I have decided to be the better person all around and let go. I will allow my inner energy to teach them.
I choose peace and happiness over what I see could be improved. I will fall into the abyss of faith and I know that the best will come of it.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Electrical Generator

Do you realize that your thoughts have power? Thoughts create feelings and emotion. In an instant, you can be sad, mad, or full of joy. All you have to do is think. Your emotions are the electrical generator of this world. What kind of mechanical device do you want to be? Are you a used toaster that occasionally burns part of the toast? Are you a vacuum that has a short in it and sometimes shocks the others around you? I like to think of myself as a beautiful windmill. I use the flow of energy that is existing in the world to enhance the lives of many.
Feeling the flow of existing energy in the world takes practice. You have to be willing to feel your body and notice the energy in it. You can feel your body in any situation. Try starting to practice feeling your body when you have to wait someplace. You will start to notice the tension that waiting forms in your body. I was surprised the first time I realized this. I never knew that my thoughts produced such immediate results, directly in the body. After that though, I would scan that part of my body first, to train myself not to think negative thoughts. Even things that annoy you can be a joy if you use them to your advantage. So use that time to kindle a relationship with your inner energy.
The tension in your body harbors the energy that is flowing around you. So, if something is going on that is bothering you, feel the tension and let it go. This inner tension is like a clogged artery. They do major surgery on people with clogged arteries! So do your own non-invasive surgery and release the tension with practice. You need that energy to flow freely through you. It energizes you, like food for your soul. You also need it to make life smoother, kinder and let energy make your life easier. The efficiency of your generator is dependent on how you care for it. Daily care to release tension during the down time can make you an efficient machine. As I have said before, we need this energy to create with. Creating the life we need is dependent on how well we let the energies around us flow away from us.
True creation starts when we recognize that the energy around us is not something we need to control. It will be there with or without us. So letting it move is imperative because you want that same energy to fill the holes in your life that need to be filled. If you are holding energy with thought, as in the case of something that is bothering you, find something else to replace that thought. Think symbolically. Remember, your energy thinks in symbols and pictures. So if you need someone to love you more, or spend time with you, think of the two of you at the park picnicking, shopping together, or sitting by a fire in the evening. Even if these things can not happen in your life, think of them anyway. They are symbols, not what you want to do.  If you need money, don't think of what you don't have. Instead, think of a treasure chest, a bag of gold coins. Always use symbols to talk to you inner energy, and do your best to be happy. Be happy for the energy itself, it has provided you with a way out of your current situation.
Being an efficient electrical generator depends greatly on your choice to let the energy in life itself flow through you. So you can attract what you need to be whole and happy.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Quality of Love

The quality of love you lavish on another is an opening for energy to bless and keep you happy. Now this may be something you have never thought of, but it is true. On one level, others say that when you give your all; time, devotion, and love to another, you spoil them. In that, they are right. From a higher level, you are acting out the abundance of the energy that feeds all of life. When you act out of this energy you are grateful to it, and for the things people and situations that the energy creates. Do not listen to them, they can live in their world and always see the downside. You look at the upside, it is more successful.

We have a quality of devotion to everything, although some peoples' devotion is not easy to see; or you may see they are devoted to themselves. What I am talking about is a quiet methodical time spent in cleaning, caring, and nurturing all of your life. It is in the time you take to do the dishes. Do you do them with joy or hope to get done so you can go on? A quality of care is found in the Joy of all that you do. You start to see it as a practice of gratitude and happiness that your thoughts are quiet during the times you are at a task. You take pride that you have created something lasting, even the dishes are a way to nurture your family, or self. There are people that rush through all of life and not much of their life looks cared for. Their surroundings are a little messy, and perhaps they do not take the time to clear the sidewalks when there is bad weather. Do you take the time to enjoy the people you are with? Is the time you spend with them good, but end at some point in a argument? Arguments are so you can be able to be right. Do you want to nurture and love them, or to be right? We are all wrong on some level of reality. Maybe it is more important to nurture the person that they can be. Does your quality of care include a kind thought, even when you are mad?

Do you know there is a quality of your speech? Are you able to talk about good things and omit the bad? Can you refrain from telling some one about the latest transgression of a loved one? A quality of speech is knowing that your words carry power. They have the ability to convey love, empower ,and improve others. They also have the ability to bring them down, rock their world, through them off course for a while. Do you need to have that kind of power? Are you that small?
We have the capacity to be great beings, and this comes from our willingness to have a quality of love for all of our lives. You may find that your life seems small when you live this quality of life, it takes time to devote to this. It is well worth it though, You are improving the world with your choice to give a quality of love to all.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Using Energy For The Whole

If you lived at the level of living out of your inner guidance, you will have nothing but success. When you follow the guidance you may have to do things that upset people at first, but when the process gets underway, you will begin to see why it was the best thing for the whole universe.

On an energy level, the internet was invented by that same energy itself. Yes, if energy itself did not need it, it would not have even been a thought in someone's mind. We act out of that energy. That is what makes us successful, following our guidance. Anyway, the internet was ultimately meant to unite us globally. It has taken many turns and has been used for ulterior motives along the way, but you can now start to see how the energy of the world is uniting to do the work of the common good. In countries of unrest we are now seeing the young people unite to make major changes. They are uniting at risk to their own lives to better the whole world. This is true peace. This inner power of this is the same energy that Mahatma Gandhi used in freeing nations from the British Empire. We are now starting to witness the evolution of our intelligence in masses to save the world. It starts now in large scale, to bring consciousness to the world. It is a guiding moment that is guiding us all to evolve and be at peace through this inner energy. We are meant to see their struggle and see there is not much we can do. This is how energy works, it maneuvers into your life and backs you into a corner so all you CAN do is listen to it. We can't do much to help the young people in the countries that are struggling to free the world, yes the whole world! This is the energy that will bring in peace to all of us. But we can believe that it will be what is needed to save humanity. We can talk to our inner energy and ask it to keep them safe, to bring them peace so they can carry on fearlessly. That is a strong energy, and you can dedicate yourself to it by using your thoughts for the cause. Do not let any of the stories get you down, have faith that you can help with the dedication of your energy.

We may seem isolated by miles, but the world is not apart, we are part of it. The best use of your energy is to think wholeness through what is going on, and to feel empowered by your own effort to support the whole through your thoughts of common good.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Inner Life

An inner life is not the priority in this world that it should be. We seem to think that going out is better. We derive more pleasure from shopping, going, and doing. We fill our kids lives with activities and run them around to keep them out of trouble, or fill the space. When it is quiet we have a hard time with the peace, and feel lonely in the solitude. Our children learn to value going out more than being in. We are too busy looking and experiencing the outer world, distracting ourselves from the real work of true inner growth. When we do stay in, it becomes too painful to get along with the others we live with, because we did not stay in long enough to do the work of growing with them and developing great relationships. So our children learn that happiness is out, because they see us happier out. Yet we want great relationships because they are a lasting tribute to the world. Making a balance of your inner life and outer life should be a priority. Your inner life will help you run your life more smoothly and in more harmony than you can do on your own. You will live a happier, more purposeful life when you do this work also.
All of us in some way want to know that our lives mean something, that it all has not been in vain. Yet not all of us can leave this world with a new hospital, or some important research project fully funded. If we make our inner life a priority, we have left the world a better place.
When our inner life is something we live through, we live with less negative impact on this world. We emanate peace and bring happiness to all those around us. We choose to live and buy things that support a better world, and teach through our lives that inner is a better way than the unhappiness of the outer world.
Your inner life is a process of growth just as your outer relationships, so start making it a priority. If you have kids or any other relationships they will benefit from your efforts also. You will be guided in your efforts and how you deal with them. All of this creates meaning and fulfillment in life, and teaches the value of practicing an inner life.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Levels of Reality

There are different levels of reality, they coordinate with your emotional development. One person can believe that it is "OK" for them to do something that another person would never do. This is common, but what you do not see is that it is an emotional intelligence level. That is not to say that you can assume that the person is bad, dumb, or wrong. You can, however, say that they do not understand. This is a big thing. We like justice and being right. We humans will go to great lengths to prove our "rightness." Once you start to learn emotional intelligence though, you see that they are right, and so are you. They are right in accordance with their own emotional development. You can not be mad and help them learn a different way. We all need to learn on our own time. The one thing you can do is accept that they do not know, and walk away. Other people's emotional intelligence is not your responsibility, and it is not up to you to show them how what they do is making others miserable. It is your inner energy's responsibility though, and it will teach that person. If someone is repeatedly making these level mistakes, this is your guidance to move on. The energy inside you is telling you thet you two are not a good fit, and you shoul find someone else.
I recently met a potential friend, I was happy because I had just moved to the area. Now this person is working under the belief that it is her responsibility to raise the neighbor kids, because their parents work a lot. Well, when I was younger and had my first child I thought the same thing, that it takes a village to raise a child. I will still agree, this is true on one level. Yet from another level, it is an excuse to vent you anger and point of view on others. I did feel that way then. The energy of the world sets us on a course with the people in our lives because we will learn best from them, not the neighbors. Now I have grown to understand that it is my full responsibility to raise my own kids, I understand a level of intelligence that others do not know. I also understand it is my moral duty to raise my children in this way to create a better world, I do not want others to raise my kids. I do not want a lower level of perception to take root in there young minds. So you see, she is right and I am also right, and that was the parting of ways for me. She can have her life as it is and I want mine, untainted buy her beliefs.
So reality is not as cut and dry as we would like to think. You have to protect your reality if you know that it is right and that you are teaching it out of the energy of the universe. If you are teaching your level of reality and it is not in harmony with your inner energy it will feel wrong. You will feel bad about it, or it will cause chaos. You will know the right, or highest level of reality, when you are at peace with the feeling it gives you.

Sunday, March 13, 2011


I am going to venture to say that we insist that people lie to us. This may make some mad, but that is my point. Your anger makes them lie. I have watched human nature all of my life, and if you step back and see it all in a sort of slow motion, you can see the energy at play. Now, when we confront people, we are using our energy to convey that they are wrong. But, with energy in the picture, they may not be.  If we understood energy, it works in a different way.

So lets look at it from an energy perspective. Lets say your mate, friend, or family member starts going out without you. They are acting on an energetic urge to be away from you. Are you going to support this? What if the energy is for the better, if they need to go because you are no longer getting along? What if they are at an emotionally different level than you and can't put it into words that they need to go, or that they are not ready to go because they fear for there safety? Maybe they need to branch out and have some time to themselves, all relationships need space to grow. "Oh," you say, "they owe me an explanation, after all we have been through." Yes on the level of the earth stuff they do, but they can't, because they do not feel safe.   AND, on an energy level, they may need to lie to you so you grow to learn that no one owes you anything. We all have to grow to learn that what we do is done unconditionally, no one is entitled to anything. Anger is a powerful thing, but from an energy level, it deserves a lie, because anger does not honor love, it blocks love. You are with people around you out of love and love forces us to grow, to evolve to its level. We have to grow to that energy level because we are energy beings.

So the next time you condemn someone for their behavior, stop and think of how your behavior effects them. Are you approaching them out of love and empowering them?  Are you willing to support them even if it rocks your world? Are you willing to talk calmly and try to work things out even if it means to work out separating? OR are you going to go on insisting that every one is a liar and not look at how you fit into there lies?

Saturday, March 12, 2011


Home is were you are free to live in your own energy. We all emanate our energy into the walls, space, or were ever we live. That energy also radiates back to us, helping us feel at home. When you go visiting, there is a back ground energy that does not match yours, so a part of you feels unrested. At home you can let down your guard, energetically, because no one will question your belief system. There is times that a person in the family will ask you to justify your behavior; and depending on there emotional level, they may confront you with anger or kindness causing you to feel safe, or not, in your own home. Your home also nurtures you energetically, helping you feel safe enough that you can be open to change. Change is always going on, you can't stop change, it is the way energy weaves life into the world. Energy is constantly in motion if you stop the flow some place it will find a way around the stop, this flow is for the better of the world. Sometimes we don't see the change as good, and it may not be, but it is the way the energy of the world needs to work out what is best for us and all the world around us. The energy can't work things out just in our behalf, it has to work life out for the benefit of all, because we are part of all.

We all want homes with peace and those around us supporting us in our life's work. To be a part of a wonderful whole that cheers us on as we give back to the world is a utopia for all of us. I have always want to create this kind of world, even if it was in the microcosm of my home. I was told by people that did not want to make the effort for this kind of creation; that it can't be done. Yet I know it can; and that it is a small model of the emotional maturity that the world needs to make peace in the macrocosm. Peace is the place that you are in when you know that you are working for the better of the whole of the universe. That is home for your soul, to know you are working for the universal energetic soul.

As far as your personal home, well do what I did, insist that they try. With draw all extras, with love and intention, and tell them you are trying to improve all of life. They will come around, love or energy always prevails.  It is so important to create a home with intention, first it is a model of peace, second it is an esteem builder, and third because we, family and all; need a safe place to be our best and grow our souls. I pride myself on how I love those around me, I want to bring out the best in them, allowing them the safety to be there best. They quickly will miss how they are loved. Yet some times it is human nature to take advantage of that, to become compliant and not try. Evolution is ever moving so we have to try every day, we do get smarter in how we interact with each other, and the trying turns into second nature. You start to see that you did the right  things and that builds your confidence in your inner energy. Still home is the place to start building self esteem, and as you grow it is the place that will nurture you on in being the best being you can be.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Mind, Body, and Soul

When our mind, body and soul are working together they form an alliance full of peace and power. It is the journey of recognizing our guidance and power, and uniting this trio that is our essential selves, which makes us whole. You can tell yourself that you are outwardly preforming a task with good intentions and, of course, according to your ego, you are. You do this with your mind and body, but all the while your soul, or energy system, is emitting your true motive. Others can read this and, if they honor there own guidance, they know the truth. If they don't, they will believe you, and feel split and tortured because they are ignoring a part of themselves. Back to you; you will feel the stress of the split also, the stress of ignoring your soul, or inner guidance, comes in your body through the nervous system. At first it is a gagging thought that won't go away. Next it is a more constant thought, then it becomes a physical problem, perhaps an ache of some kind. Lastly, the stress becomes an illness of some sort. This is the evolution of the split of our selves, on the stress level. We do not know or see this split because, if we did, we would have to change our behavior. We could not go on acting badly. The motive of acting badly is that we get our way faster and on a physical level. Once we start to grow our mind's emotional skills we start to understand that not all the things we want are in our best interests, and we no longer care about getting our way. We care more about the effect we have on the world around us.
Making your mind control your thoughts and actions in accordance with your soul honors that we are energy beings first and foremost. We are, but that is not valued in our world as if yet. Yet, when you bring your mind in line with your soul, and act out of this guidance, your are at peace with the world around you. You may have problems that arise but they don't stay as problems. They dissolve into the answers because you listen for the guidance that directs you as to how to handle the situations. The peace comes from knowing that you are never apart from the answer. You have made yourself a whole unit by being what you are first, and that is an energy being, having a life here, at this time, in history. Peace comes from being whole. When you are whole, you lack nothing, and nothing is unobtainable. That is where your power comes from, and feeling empowered enough to know there is a part of yourself that is able to resolve any situation that arises.
The world may not value making life whole as of yet, but if you live it, you will. Putting your mind, body and soul in alignment is the best thing you can do in in your life. So, enjoy the peace.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Anger with Kids

If you want a better world, leave out the anger with kids. As you grow in this knowledge you will see how manipulative and dangerous your anger is. Now let me cover some things with you first. Kids read energy better than we, as adults, do. They are still energy beings and are learning to honor that energy within or learning to ignore it. Now energy is energy. There is nothing personal about it and kids feel this. They don't know how to deal with it because they relate all things to their world. This means that they relate it to themselves and not to an inner world they have not yet been taught about. So all energy has emotion, and all energy is read by our nervous systems. That is why you say "I feel it in my stomach," or "it hit me in the gut." These are nervous system reactions to your intuition. Now as you go on, you will learn that these emotions are a guide, hence the guided way, they are not meant for you to relate them to yourself. They are meant for you to feel and help you navigate the world, with no judgment as to how they relate to you. I will give you and example. If you are angry at your kid you are using anger, judgment, and condemnation to relate your emotions. I know you want to say; "I am not, I am just angry." But, you have to understand, that in order to be angry you have used these other energies to justify your reaction. Now the kid does not think about what you say because you are approaching them with anger, and anger translates instantly in their nervous system as chaos. Chaos is unpredictable, so then they are scared of you. Now judgment is what we do when we decide the other is wrong. Remember, I said your mind is a trickster. It will fool you into believing you are right all of the time. Now judgment makes the other person wrong, so the energy of "you are wrong" is conveyed. The problem is that when you use this energy you also forget that it is not the person that is wrong, but rather it is the choice they made that is in need of correction. With making the other person wrong comes the energy of condemnation, this is an energy form of annihilation. You then have to eradicate that behavior, but in your anger you have missed the point. It is the behavior, not the person, to make your world calm again.
Now here is the problem with anger. It is read on an energy level, not heard on a physical level. Because it carries the emotional power of your emotions, it is meant to scare people into becoming what you think is right. Yes, I said what you think is right, not what is really right. They don't learn from it, and kids take it to heart and personalize it to be that the person does not like them or hates them, because it carries that kind of power. This is not a self esteem builder. If you want to make a better world, you have to use your anger wisely. Anger is a justifiable tool when you sit and decipher if it is warranted, decide how to use it to speak wisely, and empower another. Remember, you will get better and quicker at thinking this way when you use the skills of feeling your inner energy. Plus, using your inner energy will build your self esteem too.
When it comes to kids, you growing in this area and teaching them what you learn helps build their self esteem. This is real self esteem, not the kind of self esteem that can be pulled from you in the tragedies of life.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Victim vs. Victimized

Now, you may say that they are the same, that being victimized makes you a victim, but it does not. I too thought like this, and at one time in my life I saw the world differently. On the whole, I thought that people were inherently selfish and thoughtless. I am not sure that I thought they were out to get me, or out to take advantage of me. I certainly thought that they put own welfare before mine, and that may have been true. Yet, I know another truth. That truth is simply that how you feel about how you fit into the world will be what happens to you. At one point I realized I felt like a victim and that I did not want to feel this way. It was at that point that I saw I could choose to do something or continue to feel this way. I can tell you this, even in circumstances  in which you can't move, either emotionally or physically, you can think. Thoughts are your power and when you start using this skill you will maneuver yourself out of any condition. Victims think of themselves as being victimized, and a lot of people are these days. However, being victimized does not make you a victim unless you believe you are worthy of that kind of treatment.  I know, none of us think we are worthy of bad things, but unconsciously we do. That is the power of our unconscious thought. Becoming conscious of not being a victim is very empowering. All of a sudden, the light goes on and you know that you can do something... anything. When you realize you can do anything, even the thought that you do not have to endure the thought itself of what happened, or is happening, is empowering. If it is a lingering thought of the abuse, you can empower yourself with thinking of healing.
There are some of us that feel like victims. I say feel because we don't know or see it that way, but we energetically transmit that emotion to others. We are the depressed, emotionally abused, and confused people that can't understand why we have people that pick us, all the time, to take advantage of. Now I have to say we don't understand this or see ourselves from this perspective, but it is going on. Energy flows in frequency's like a radio channel, so we emit that which we think. You can tell someone that does think this by the way they talk. They will talk about how "not nice" other people are and that they are "so nice." Their chatter is about how other people choose to hurt them or others. The energy behind their words is that they are better than the perpetrators.

When you think this way, you see the world through the lens of victim. You will measure everything others do by how it effects you, even if the original intent had nothing to do with you. I had an aquantence that told me she was going to have plans with a friend on Saturday night, so I made plans. I had friends over and three hours into my night that person called and asked what I was doing, I said that I had friends over and would give her a call later. The phone calls ensued that I was leaving her out, I was mean because I had not invited her. Well , this was an example of emotional blackmail, an energetically angry onslaught of how I was wrong. I know I was not wrong, my plans did not include a thought of her so they had no malice. I felt it was "ok" to sever the relationship, this was the energy message I was getting, from my guide, that we were ill-fitted as friends. Emotionally we are not in the same place and we would, or she would, continue to think I was hurting her. So, I released her from this torture. She can now go on like this or begin to grow emotionally, and outgrow this type of thinking.
The truly victimized have things that happen to them, but they see it as a difference of development, that the perpetrator is not at an emotional point at which they can behave better. The biggest difference is that we do not take it personally, and that we know we are stronger. We also must be aware that the events that take place become part of a plan, even if it is a plan for the moment, in our heads. We must begin to act upon it. We feel strong enough to move on and do not let the energy of others be a part of who we are as great beings.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Bullying is what we have come to, in the form of warfare. Our need to hurt others has resorted to an underground form of emotional warfare. War has gone from lining up in front of others and mowing them down with guns, to hiding and jumping out and killing them, and now, to getting in their heads and tormenting them to death. We are intelligent beings, but not intelligent enough to stop hurting one another. Our need to be right, or in this case, our need for the world to revolve around us is so great. Our minds are agents of foolishness. They work on a collective energy level. If we do not control them and use our higher thinking to see reality as it truly is, and not how our minds fool us into thinking it is. The reason that emotional warfare is so great is that it is hard for the victim to combat, and hard for them to prove. Even our own minds can run circles around a subject for us. War in the outer world has turned to this too, we have a daily terrorist report, high to low threat levels, and the government acts upon this. The problem with this is that we never get war out of our heads. We have come to live with this silent war in the back ground of our heads, and think that this is acceptable. Our thoughts are our energy and when we think about defending ourselves we are giving energy to our perpetrators. This energy on an energetic emotional level helps feed this behavior, allowing it to seem expect-able. Now on one level war is a reality, but on another, energy level, it can not survive without being fed, energetically.

I am currently dealing with a bully with one of my girls. My daughter wants to have multiple friends, but one of her friends wants exclusive rights to her friendship. So. my daughter had friends over, two of them, and we live in a 500 sq. foot apt. This girl calls to say her previous plans were canceled. The girls said they could not play this time and got off the phone. The phone calls ensued. Now I am going to say some thing that is important and that is, boundaries! I know we say; "I know boundaries", but did you know that the need for boundaries has also upgraded to your mind?

Well, now these girls were in my care and I told them not to answer the phone. I am a huge advocate for emotional well being. I told the kids to do their best to forget this whole thing and have fun, do make-up, play, and be kids.  Well, now comes the scary part. The mom started calling the kids and yelling at them for leaving her daughter out. How does a kid of ten defend themselves? They don't, and should not, have to. This is emotional abuse.  The mother told them that they were leaving her daughter out, out of malice. How does anyone combat lies? I know it is a lie because we live in such a small place I heard every conversation they had. You see now your mind is hooked? You have to keep thinking of ways to combat lies. You can't on this level, that is why it is emotionally abusive. See how bullying is so effective and makes you feel so helpless? Now, I will say, on this level it is helpless, but we are energy beings first, so we can choose to live on another level. Now you have to train your mind to know the energetic seeds within you are more powerful than the outer world, because on another level you can unplug from the collective and not feed these thoughts. The collective belief that what is said in the world can hurt you is not true. So the goal is to focus your energy on what is true and that is that you are safe, you did nothing wrong, believe it, know it, and live it. Your energy of truth is stronger than the energy of lies, but don't think again of the lies, put boundaries around your mind to know only your inner energy.

Your inner energy will be stronger and dissipate the problem.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Creating Reality

Creating your reality with intention is a lot of work, but how bad do you want it? My ex-husband would tell me, "That's too much work. I don't want to control my thoughts." He and a lot of others would consider it extreme, fundamentalism at its best. I like to think of it as my civic duty, a moral obligation, to be in control of my mind, body and spirit. First it is the only thing that I have, no one can take that away from me, no one can hurt my thoughts, set them afire, beat them up. But I can choose to use my thoughts for good, honest kindness, and that is what I choose. Yes my choice is at the expense of all the other choices. Yet when others choose, they choose less than that and it is at the expense of choosing better, or worse, maybe. So in a way I have used my human ability to choose to control my mind-thoughts, and that is the only way to change reality, or create it in any way. All this choice to create comes with practice, devotion, and dedication, or time.

At some point in this journey I realized that I have relied a lot on my comfort zone. I have looked for answers in all the things and outlets that I have known: money, security, companionship. I have continuously looked in the places that I have known, and it has kept me from advancing, in some ways. I have wanted to make strides outwardly but have made great strides inwardly, but I have also sought after that, too. What I am trying to say is that the inner has to precede the outer. So creating your reality, does not happen over night. Creating comes with the work that it takes to develop faith, trust in your inner energy. It is available to you though, and you do it all the time. You create with every thought, you just create thoughtlessly. That is why they call it conciseness, because you have to learn to do it with intention.

So if you use logic, controlling your thoughts is a moral obligation; it is you who create with them. Shouldn't we all want to create and make better a world gone awry?


Happiness is a learned skill. As illusive as happiness is, it has been studied recently by universities. I recently moved to a new geographic location, in the middle of the U.S., from the east coast. I have not found the right people yet because the people I have met have not learned happiness. They are still worried about their lot in life and are having a hard time focusing on their own happiness.

We the people are responsible for our own happiness, so choose to be happy, regardless of what the person next to you is doing! Ok, let me say this, is the person next to you going to be a better person because you are unhappy? No! That thinking has not worked for you or any other. So be happy, ignore them. Is your life going to change situations because you are unhappy? No, so find a way to accept it and be happy, or peaceful.

Happiness, one study I read said, did not increase once you got out of poverty. Your happiness level stayed the same as what you learned was happy, as when you were little. Yet the study did say you can choose to raise your happiness level by choosing to be happy in all of life's problems. You can only change your way of thinking with your inner energy, it is your only true source of lasting change. Sit a while and think of your happy energy, use your quiet time to ask the inner power to help you grow your happiness level.

Happiness is contagious, it makes you a better person, calmer, peaceful, and nicer to be around. I remember when I moved to the last town I lived in. I was in a bit of a fog. I had just had a baby and when she got old enough, I wanted to make friends. I was at the local preschool with my oldest and realized that I had to get happier to make friends with the people I wanted to befriend. I had not learned to be happy, or what I learned was that "happy" was really a quiet life of misery. I started to be aware of how much I frowned and that I had to make happy polite conversation, not jump into the most recent problem in my life. I know this all sounds elementary, but some people have never learned a better way. I have a family member that is still living a quiet life of misery, she is in her fifties. She laughs at others to show others she is happy. This is not happiness, it is belittling. Her seeds of happiness get used though, she is a clown sometimes, that is her only genuine form of pure energy use. To me, that speaks of the power of this energy. It finds a way to show up even when you try your best to stifle it.

Happiness with intention, or the conscious use of your inner energy, is wonderfully pure and joyous. So be happy, and you will light the world.


Prayer is the energetic vehicle by which you get your dreams or inspirations into the world. Prayer is not a religious thing, it is a spiritual-being thing. Religions just use it because they are emotionally intelligent enough to know that it is the only way to bridge your spiritual self with the physical world. When we embark down this path of following our inner energy, we become deeply emotionally intelligent. When you learn the real use of your emotions you realize that they have power. Now you say, "I know that I throw a tantrum and get my way all the time. That's my power." Yes this is one form of emotional power but it is one that has a lot of nasty side effects. Emotionally intelligent people learn that emotions sent through prayer, make lasting change in a loving way.

Prayer is the ultimate weapon in a war fought with love; prayer is the energy vehicle Mahatma Gandhi used to bringing the British empire down. If you want to make faster change in your life with no lasting imprint on the world you need to learn to pray effectively. Effective prayer takes your thoughts and amplifies them with your emotions to create an energy movement. All energy has movement, and all thought is energy; if you need to prove this look into Quantum physics.

So pray, sit quiet as much as you can; use your thoughts to raise your emotions in favor of what you need. Sit and enjoy the feeling of your emotional high, and before you are done sitting, ask that emotion to guide you to make it happen. If you are so upset you cannot sit, do what you are doing but force your mind to think of what you want. Think about it in one sentence or a few words; this becomes a prayer. With this rote form of thinking you are reprogramming your brain to think of the best, and that is the energy you need for change. Go for a walk if you can; make a cadence out of it. Cry your eyes out if you need to but always finish thinking about and knowing that it is being used by your inner energy for your highest good. I will admit that the energy of positive thoughts and emotions bring faster results but the energy it self will use any space it can to grow in a positive way. I would equate this energy to the weeds that grow in the cracks of the concrete; it has a way of getting through no matter how we block it.

So give your inner energy a prayer to help it into your life. Prayer will help you make the changes faster.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Thought Momentum

I have to tell you, one of the first things that I experienced was that my thoughts raced about everything. Mostly, they repeated how others were doing something I thought could be improved upon. Even when I tried to slow down my thoughts, they would speed up with a momentum of there own. I found out that this is true, that thoughts do have and create their own momentum. So, the next logical thought is to create a momentum of thought you want to think. This is also true, but your mind, being a machine that has already been programmed to think along another path, will revert to that path until you lead it back to the new path enough times to override the old thought paths. Life is an evolution of training your mind in behaving only along energy patterns of the highest order.

You can start to slow down your thoughts by using feeling, by starting to feel your body. The most noticeable place that I found my thoughts landed was in the back of my neck and shoulder blade area. The skin would pinch and I would have to let down my shoulders. You can find the stress there, or wherever you may hold it. Even if you do not have any idea what is causing the stress, give it the energy inside you. Ask it to help you transform the stress into an answer that will heal your world. Many of the times we say the stress is from a person or situation, but it is not, it is from the feelings we get from that person or situation. Now you may say this is the same thing, but it is not, our feelings are related to our perceptions situations. All perception is filled with what we think of the person, our past experiences, and how we are feeling in general at the moment. Now, when I understood this, I panicked, I realized at that moment I could not trust anything I thought. You have to trust your thoughts, but now, you have slowed your thoughts down enough to act differently. You must try to take out the truth in the situation and act upon it, not what you thought it was before.

Thought momentum can be slowed down in all sort of ways, but never alone. Always know all of your power to change is from the energy within you. So. ask it to help, and listen to your inner energetic guidance.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Single Parenting

I will admit that it is the worst choice I ever made. Had I been smarter then about what I teach, I would not have gotten a divorce. Now that I know I could use the energy within me to create a new reality, I would have saved my family, and myself, from the heartache. Some of us need to move on though, we get so far into the energetic force of resentment, that we see no way out. I have to add to this, too. When you feel this energy of resentment toward a partner there is also a collective energy that is part of that. As an explanation, we all have our personal energy and there is a collective energy that also fits into our patterns of feeling. So some of what adds to your feelings, makes them overwhelming, is the whole worlds feelings on the same subject.

Single parenting has had that effect on me, but now that I have extended family around, I don't feel the collective oppression that I once did. What I want to say on this subject is that it has grown me, in making me pay attention to my energy. Well, any parenting or relationship can do this, but it has taught me to be what is needed; not who I think I need to be. Some moments I need to be a friend and others I need to be a lover. Yes, to reach out and touch. Other times I need to just be quiet. Seeing my kids as energetic beings and helping them on their own terms has made me grow in all areas of my life. I am grateful in this respect, wiser to have slowed down and listened to my inner energy. I know it has paid off too. We all have the best relationships I have ever seen in a family.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Peace comes when you start to tip the scale of not living with your inner energy and living with it. All energy works in cycles, and when you are about to tip the scale of your perception and live in a new energy system your life becomes chaotic. It has been my experience that what you ask for is blocked from coming to you, so when you ask the energy to help you get or fix some thing in life it has to change the block.  The chaos is what insures that you will let go of your current thought energy pattern. It is in the chaos that you have to hold steady to the thought that your inner energy is working in you to help, even when you do not understand the reasons why. Peace also comes in the chaos when you know that something is working for your best interest.

Practicing feeling your inner peace is something you need to do when things are peaceful in order to build a comfort with that feeling so you can refer to it when things go wrong. If you are like most people, you can't do it that way, and the chaos of life sends you running for peace out of a need for mental survival. Peace is always there. We just have not learned to value it. We all want it, but don't know how to get it. It is the essential you inside of the problem you. No matter what happens in life, there is part of you that is unaffected by everything around you. Peace is the essential you, the energy that is all of everything. So use the outer you to be the inner you, peace will prevail soon.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Your Highest Potential

Everyone's highest potential is to live out of their own inner energetic power. This energy calls to you at every moment of the day. It begs you to be the best person you can be in all of life's circumstances. It mellows you in peace, and grows you beyond anything you thought possible. We all want to do what is right, to be the best that we can be, and have our lives have meaning. This path in life fulfills all of that. Not many of us want our lives to change, we want the people, places, and things we have; we worked for them and like them. We just want them to be better and to have purpose. This is your highest potential, to live with an inner relationship that puts meaning into your life.

We often think the people in our lives should give us more, love us better. The real joy is when we learn to love them, it puts meaning in the day. There gets to be a point that you feel a little alienated from the rest, but upon closer inspection, you realize you would not do anything differently. You did not learn a new skill for the reward, you learned it to bring depth and meaning into your life, that is the reward.

I have started to see people differently, they either mean well or do well. The do well people have a different quality, they speak well and only of ideas, not of other people or of things. They speak of this energy and they want to use it. The others, those that mean well, talk about other people, so they feel better about themselves, and how their future will get better. Yet it never does.

Your highest potential is in how fast you can develop a relationship with your inner energy.