Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Empty Apologies

Did you ever tell someone that you were sorry for hurting their feelings and know that it would not matter in the end? I went to talk to a lady today that told me that I was the only parent who told her that she was doing something wrong, and that it hurt her feelings. This, apparently, hurt her feelings for days, she was so upset. Well, I said that I was sorry and, indeed, I genuinely felt sorry. But, I knew that it was hollow. You see, when you apologize for hurting someone, you are apologizing to their ego. The ego is a hollow entity. So, when you use your emotions to make people behave, or do what you think is right, you are left feeling empty. I was apologizing to a feeling, not even to her, as the beautiful being that I know that she is, not even this emotion. I know in my heart that she just feels fresh now in her anger. She is mulling over and over, thinking of how right she is. I know that she does not feel better about the apology because her soul is not healed from it. Her soul itself is not wounded by the exchange, it needed no apologies. So she will still feel empty.

Your inner self is stronger that the world's feelings and perceptions. It does not get hurt feelings. It is not hurt by anything that happens and that is the essential you. Your inner guide will use emotions to communicate to you and help you know when to change or do something differently. Inner selves do not think of the feelings the same way that we do either. If you feel hurt by something that someone said, it could be a clue to see how you may be taking things personally, or that you are letting old memories cloud how you are dealing in this moment. All of your emotions are there to help you grow. They are guides to look inside for inner guidance and growth. We, the people, think our emotions are for eradicating, so we can have a stable and secure life. Change is hard for the ego. It likes complete control so it does not have to change. It likes the outside power of its childish ways. When you learn that you are bigger, deeper, and far stronger with out the egoist emotions, you are not happy with them anymore . I do have to say that it is also an inner guide thing to want stability of the emotions. Your body and emotional system are not designed to have much fluctuation in emotion. This is also a call to your inner guide to mature you into learning that you are untouched by others' actions. Their actions do not effect the essential inner you. We all know in our core that we are deeper, stronger, and powerful.

People that have not learned to feel themselves as there inner selves, or to control there minds, will not feel satisfied by the exchanges they have. They are talking through, and perceiving themselves, as  hollow entities, lacking the power of spirit.  All of life will be empty, and feel emotionally unstable. So, do not settle for empty apologies, become whole. Follow your inner guide. Just be.

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