Thursday, March 24, 2011

Rules and Regulations

We, the people, are stuck on the rules. We are afraid to do what is right for fear of getting into trouble. We seem to have lost sight of the fact that we don't all fit into a mold of humanity What makes us different is what brings new and wonderful solutions into the world. The true problem is that by being forced to follow the rules and regulations we leave out the possibility of following our guidance, and our guidance is what is going to make us successful people. Call it guidance, a hunch, or intuition, it is what keeps us safe and brings us solutions. Some of us know that the value in following this guidance and that our society, by and large, does not allow it.

Now, I have to say, there is a widening division of people in the world at this time. The ones that do believe and those that live in the "rules" world. They make the rules and they are based on someone else's misbehavior, or repeated behavior. The rule makers are tired of dealing with the misbehaved people. They are people that do not follow their guidance either. What I am saying is that when they finally decide to make the rules, it is because they are so tired of the problem. They forget that there is a being under all this and that at some point, another being is not going to be able to conform and stay true to their inner self.
This may be abstract, so let me give you an example. Now my kids are in school and they are getting more and more rules and regulations and they refuse to bend them in any way. Even if you are going to comply, they will not help you. I have a daughter that is 10 years old, in fourth grade. She came home in tears because they put a no talking ban in her school. Now I am intelligent enough to understand that they are trying to cut down on the bullying, which is a national epidemic. But, this leaves out childhood friendships and socialization.  It is a natural instinct to help others and talking is part of this good behavior, and now they can't talk in school. The teachers have gone as far as threatening the kids with the police and telling them they will be expelled. It is spiritual guidance to talk and communicate with the world around you and this hampers the development of the whole person.

The time is here of persecution for following you inner self, and more and more are going to be feeling the push to not conform because of their inner guidance demanding that we see each other as beings. We are not a collective that needs conformity to rules and regulations. We are spiritual energy.

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