Tuesday, March 29, 2011

You Are Not Our Feelings

I have stood up to someone in my life and now she needs me to listen to her side of the story. As all people do when they feel they are right, they want an audience to listen to them and then be able to jam their perceptions down their throats. I have to say that this lady is a blessing to the world, she tries to do the best and has good intentions. But she is still in the beginner stages of learning. When you first start to learn and practice, or not, following you inner guide, you become a judgmental, which is a fundamental problem for others. You are convinced you are right and that you are doing the world a service, and you are. Yet, on another level of reality, you are still trying to mix what you used to know with what you are learning. You can not mix. You have to choose. The guide will teach you that your feelings and emotions are not who you are, but the old you will still want to be defined by the feelings. If you are defined buy the feelings, you have justification to be mad at others for hurting your feelings. This allows you to control them. You will always hurt others in this stage. You want attention and control. It is the outside world of control that you are familiar with, and what you are trying to learn is the inside control. But you will always resort to what you are familiar with, until you practice what you are not familiar with enough to make it a habit. When you start to learn inside control, you don't have the need to control others as much. Eventually, your guide will teach you that what you truly want is inside control, and not to control others on the outside. You will want to have inside control only because you realize that is is the only true power.

Now this lady requested I come over and talk to her. She told me that she was upset for days about being told she was harassing others. Well, she was. But to her, she was doing a service in the community, ridding the world of people that are not nice to her and her kids. Now this is her perception, but not the reality of the situation. I know she is right, in her mind, but, I am right too. I am very clear about this. You can not keep calling people to tell them they are mean, seven times in fifteen minutes. This is harassment by definition. It is the law. I am not mad. I know she did what she thought was right, but I will not have this behavior in my home. So, I feel fine about removing the issue from my home and thoughts. I do not think about her much. I control my mind and have moved on. When I do pass by her home and think of her, I bless her, and family. I do hope that in some way she learns that she is not her feelings. She is far stronger and deeper person than that.

Emotional Intelligence teaches that you are your inner guide, and that your emotions are a guide to learn from your inner self. They are not who you are, or a reason to be angry at others.

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