Thursday, March 17, 2011

Quality of Love

The quality of love you lavish on another is an opening for energy to bless and keep you happy. Now this may be something you have never thought of, but it is true. On one level, others say that when you give your all; time, devotion, and love to another, you spoil them. In that, they are right. From a higher level, you are acting out the abundance of the energy that feeds all of life. When you act out of this energy you are grateful to it, and for the things people and situations that the energy creates. Do not listen to them, they can live in their world and always see the downside. You look at the upside, it is more successful.

We have a quality of devotion to everything, although some peoples' devotion is not easy to see; or you may see they are devoted to themselves. What I am talking about is a quiet methodical time spent in cleaning, caring, and nurturing all of your life. It is in the time you take to do the dishes. Do you do them with joy or hope to get done so you can go on? A quality of care is found in the Joy of all that you do. You start to see it as a practice of gratitude and happiness that your thoughts are quiet during the times you are at a task. You take pride that you have created something lasting, even the dishes are a way to nurture your family, or self. There are people that rush through all of life and not much of their life looks cared for. Their surroundings are a little messy, and perhaps they do not take the time to clear the sidewalks when there is bad weather. Do you take the time to enjoy the people you are with? Is the time you spend with them good, but end at some point in a argument? Arguments are so you can be able to be right. Do you want to nurture and love them, or to be right? We are all wrong on some level of reality. Maybe it is more important to nurture the person that they can be. Does your quality of care include a kind thought, even when you are mad?

Do you know there is a quality of your speech? Are you able to talk about good things and omit the bad? Can you refrain from telling some one about the latest transgression of a loved one? A quality of speech is knowing that your words carry power. They have the ability to convey love, empower ,and improve others. They also have the ability to bring them down, rock their world, through them off course for a while. Do you need to have that kind of power? Are you that small?
We have the capacity to be great beings, and this comes from our willingness to have a quality of love for all of our lives. You may find that your life seems small when you live this quality of life, it takes time to devote to this. It is well worth it though, You are improving the world with your choice to give a quality of love to all.

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