Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Birds Sing to Me

Yes in the ultimate reality of emotional intelligence, the birds sing to us all, the graces of life itself.
I remember one morning about half way through my first marriage being woke by birds singing. My husband, out of the quiet of the morning said, "They sing for you." It was a corny little love thing to say at the time, but I have always held it dear to my heart. Many of times through these years I have thought of him saying this to me, not feeling like there was any reality to it. But, we all know in our hearts and souls, that they do, in fact, sing for us. It is the spiritual truth that all is one. We say this, know it to be true, but living it makes us live to a higher standard. We avoid living here, it is too much work on those days we want some extra attention because we feel slighted.

In the end we know deep within ourselves that we are part of the whole world. I woke this morning to a beautiful song in my head, and went out to walk the dog. There I found the birds singing to me. I remember the days that I used to awaken angry, groggy and sad. But, I have slowly seen an improvement in my happiness level. The "energy that is one" is always working to better your life, and as I have seen, it has worked in mine. I take no credit for the change in my mind, I know I could have not have done it on my own. All I did was be persistent in asking that inner energy for its help in healing. I read, listen to and watch all those that have been on this path before me. I have heard Echart Tolle, Emily Dickinson, Shakespeare, and many others say the same thing. The whole of the world sings for us to heal. It is a beautiful knowing that there is so much power within us, kind of like a private cheering squad.
Just think of those that can not move, maybe even those who are imprisoned. They can see the world this way and find peace and happiness in the power that is in them. I know that I have no excuse for not seeing the world this way all my life, other than I did not know it existed. I have lived an average life, nothing as bad as some have. But, I found my way here. I encourage you to find your way down this path too, because living with the birds makes life worth living.

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