Sunday, July 31, 2011

New Friends

I have moved back to the place I belong, and instantly made a new friend. Cosmic; that I was in one place for a year and could not make one friend, then move and make one in two weeks. There is the energy of belonging in that.  
My thoughts are about rooting; or feeling of being and doing the right thing. My friend moves a lot, they travel in a camper and go were there is work. Kinda like a modern day Gypsy, but that is sweet; that she chooses to support her spouse and travel with him. The energy of true love, and it is returned in his actions too, he genuinely likes her company and is devoted to her.
Well the story is about rooting; she is some times restless to settle down and have a community to be involved in and family around. They connected at a church in their home town before they left and miss it very much. The reality of this is that what you do in a home town is what you will do on the road. Most people do not see this because they are looking for it to look a certain way; but they are living the love they learned at church. That very energy sends them people to commune with and care for in the same manor that they would at home.
They both are very generous people and give to others. She has offered to help me and that offer is the energy of love you learn about in a church and want to practice. Just her quiet manor of affection and devotion to those around her is the truth that you learn and read about.
Understanding how and were God works in your life is part of intention that makes your life filled with the meaning that we all crave. We do not have to go some place or do what others do to be a great citizens and show our devotion to God thought those choices.  I say they are great people and that the energy of there life is that it is a unique opportunity to show others the love of God through there personal relationship and how they interact with the new people that they meet. That is the great gift they have been given to witness there devotion to God. The energy that runs through us is the gift that God wants us to live out; being a witness to Himself; or the energy of creation itself.
So thank you for being my friend, acting out the affection that God has for me. Thank you for choosing to be that energy for this world, you are a great person. I am blessed for the time you have and will be in my life and that is all that God wants for us all.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

No Mistakes

In the energy world there are no mistakes. We live lives that fit into the levels of energy that we are at and the levels of energy that others are at and the pain we inflict is the pain needed to heal ourselves and those around us. Even the collective pain is the pain of healing needed to transform and heal the world until some day we live in harmony and peace with all those around us.
You do not have to believe me in all this but is is true and has been taught by all great masters in all of time. Energy is the very thing that makes us and the very thing that inspires us in all that we do. We have free will and in the split second we take to decide to act differently, we grow.
Let me explain. I will use a child abuser as an example. We come into this world with energy that we need to act out, this energy is the energy that is here to heal ourselves and those around us. So the person that is an abuser grows up abused, learns to abuse, then continues to abuse on their kids. But evolution has a point of time that says we, the people, need to learn from this.
If the abuser can not stop in the split second that it takes to choose differently, they will keep on abusing until some one stops them in some life transforming way, or they will die; in an angry way, like heart attack, etc.
All the energy around them is no mistake. They are here to teach the abused not to act that way, yet many of us never learn from the pain and continue to abuse; because we like the power it gives us. There are so many layers of this pain that it is hard for a person to see it all or over come it on there own. You need one of two things, and ultimately one thing. The first and most important is you need the energy within you to heal you, teach you to stop. If you can not allow the energy with in you to help; or do not see the value in that . You will be stopped with a person in a tragedy exchange that makes you slow down enough to stop; or seek help, admitting you need help. When you admit you need help the energy with in you has the opening that it needs to help you.
What I am saying is that all is the energy within you, either the energy that abuses or the energy to empower others. There are no mistakes, the energy works through us in some way no matter. Your free will comes in the fact that we have the ability to see that we hurt others and can choose to let the energy work in a loving way instead of hurting. No mistakes, just bad choices. Either way you are a child of the creative energy within you, a product of energy that can live up to greatest hights in love, or pain; but no mistakes.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Healing happens in all we do; Yet you have to have grace to open your heart in the moment and be able to see the other in a new, or whole way.
To day my dad came into my life for the first time in 12 years, but he wanted to see my mom. He has not seen my mom in 30 years. Yet he came with the intention of making amends. What a lot of people do not see is that you can make amends and have the other person say yes on one level, but on another still not see you as a whole person worthy of forgiveness, the healing comes when both grow and heal in the interaction and become whole.
I could sense that it was a moment of time that my father needed to validate that he was not as bad as he himself felt, over all that had gone by. This is an energy of calling back your soul and forgiving yourself for the pain you caused others. I am not sure if my mom could see the transformation I saw in her but I know it healed her too.
My mom has had a feeling of unworthiness in her life time that she has never addressed, yet it over shadowed all she does. Still to this day she talks of how she was not treated fairly by her father. I am sure that other than me, no one else has apologized to her. I also know she dismissed  that as due to her, in all my wrongness. I was so happy to see the healing in both of them, something I did not think of before.
Many times we change and look for confirmation in those we love, or those around us, as a barometer. Much of the time others are busy keeping us in the box of our old behavior. So we never forgive ourselves fully. This is an energy exchange that keeps people down or in the case of forgiveness, empowers us. When we know that we are forgiving, the energy can be released and we no longer carry the burden of that experience.
All we do has the power to heal others, and I now see that it heals us too. The law of intention, when you intend to heal, help, see the world whole; it becomes whole, and all those in it.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Sparse Living

I am moving, but I will not be able to afford to move my belongings. Part of me is looking forward to the idea of sparse living. Yeah it will be really sparse, but I will be free. The thoughts of living under my own energy is such a thrill and brings me so much happiness! I am sure I will be able to manifest the bare necessities that I need to get by. There are really great people in the world, and I know I am doing what is right. This will be the energy that brings the best in the end.
Some say why not stay if you can't afford to move. I say the energy that I live under is too toxic for the world and that it need to be released. I am the only one that can do the job of letting go and moving on. So, I am happy to do so. When you have to leave things behind, know they are not you. There is power in letting go of the world that others feel is something to cling to.
I have a vision board and I was looking at it the past few nights, what I noticed was that not much of the things on it were things that I have. I started to think that this was a perfect time in life to allow my inner energy to remake me, in its own image. The prospects are daunting on one hand, but on another this is what I have always wanted. I have sought to be remade in the light of my inner self all this time. I decided to fall into this thought and allow it to do its own work. Whatever that may be.
So, I say, bring it on. I want less to worry about, less to clean, and a life of quiet contemplation and devotion to what really matters; my inner self and family. Others read magazines and wish for simple living, I am going to embrace living that way.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Eyes of Grace

You have a choice in life, the only real choice that will heal; is to see everything through grace.
Your choice to see all events as love for within you, or not. Yet the only way to heal, help, change or transform; is to take your power to see through the grace of this world and act on it guidance.
Yes you are the only being that can, at this moment, choose to act, see, change and maneuver this world through your choice of seeing and acting through the grace that ruins through you in the form of energy at every moment of your life.
We can see how hardened our lives have become, we avoid helping others for fear that we may be put out in some way. we over look things for fear that we may suffer that demise if we help too much. We x out our desire to help others in a benevolent way because it take too much effort.
Yet our spirit calls to every moment to help in some way, even if it is the smallest way. To see a child in a new light, gives them hope that they are a good person. To smile at a stranger helps them feel worthy, to cook a meal is to show support for your fellow man. Every thing we do can be done with an energy of support and love, and all those around us now our intentions in some way.
Grace, when lived through will support you and love you enough to make all of life worth while. You will no longer look for or want any approval or acceptance for others. You will see that all that matters is if you live through this and honer it with all your heart.
When I started on this path I wanted to know this, live it and feel it. Now I see this way and love it this way and would never live any other way. I feel like I am filling my porpoise in life to live through the eyes of grace; healing the world, one moment at a time.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Waking Up

If you want to start to wake up to energy, to dissipate your old thoughts; fast, go volunteer. I am talking to help others that are dying, in nursing homes. I will have to add, do not talk to the people around you. If you do, you will get caught up in the physical part of life, believing that it is the reality of what is happening in the world.
Go someplace and do the worst of jobs, clean bed pans and take out trash. Be kind to all that pass you, and when they do not appreciate you, go home and cry. Know that this is the fastest way to a dialogue with your inner self, oh wait, you do not have to volunteer; you already live this life.
Yes the fastest way to waking up to your inner self is to force yourself to do all this with love, reserve and all judgment. Use you thoughts to understand you are doing all this to transform your world, forget how it all looks. Pretend that everything that is happening is not staying, it is changing; because it is.
Cry a lot, crying loosens you old thought patterns. When you are tired and give up on how things are going; that is when your inner energy can make change. Waking to your inner self shows you how much of life you were missing. You start to see that all your judgment and wants got in the way of seeing how life really was. How much you really wanted others to appreciate you, waking up teaches you that you appreciate yourself; then you see how much you did not appreciate those around you. Now you can though, being wake is to understand our own selves in this energy world. To see all the ways we did not engage; and blamed others for the short coming.
The awake state, is to understand that it does not matter what anyone else does; it only matters how much grace, or energy you, yourself, can bring to the moment you are in. As the song goes, "Wake up, Wake up! Everybody up! Everybody Up!".