Friday, March 18, 2011

Electrical Generator

Do you realize that your thoughts have power? Thoughts create feelings and emotion. In an instant, you can be sad, mad, or full of joy. All you have to do is think. Your emotions are the electrical generator of this world. What kind of mechanical device do you want to be? Are you a used toaster that occasionally burns part of the toast? Are you a vacuum that has a short in it and sometimes shocks the others around you? I like to think of myself as a beautiful windmill. I use the flow of energy that is existing in the world to enhance the lives of many.
Feeling the flow of existing energy in the world takes practice. You have to be willing to feel your body and notice the energy in it. You can feel your body in any situation. Try starting to practice feeling your body when you have to wait someplace. You will start to notice the tension that waiting forms in your body. I was surprised the first time I realized this. I never knew that my thoughts produced such immediate results, directly in the body. After that though, I would scan that part of my body first, to train myself not to think negative thoughts. Even things that annoy you can be a joy if you use them to your advantage. So use that time to kindle a relationship with your inner energy.
The tension in your body harbors the energy that is flowing around you. So, if something is going on that is bothering you, feel the tension and let it go. This inner tension is like a clogged artery. They do major surgery on people with clogged arteries! So do your own non-invasive surgery and release the tension with practice. You need that energy to flow freely through you. It energizes you, like food for your soul. You also need it to make life smoother, kinder and let energy make your life easier. The efficiency of your generator is dependent on how you care for it. Daily care to release tension during the down time can make you an efficient machine. As I have said before, we need this energy to create with. Creating the life we need is dependent on how well we let the energies around us flow away from us.
True creation starts when we recognize that the energy around us is not something we need to control. It will be there with or without us. So letting it move is imperative because you want that same energy to fill the holes in your life that need to be filled. If you are holding energy with thought, as in the case of something that is bothering you, find something else to replace that thought. Think symbolically. Remember, your energy thinks in symbols and pictures. So if you need someone to love you more, or spend time with you, think of the two of you at the park picnicking, shopping together, or sitting by a fire in the evening. Even if these things can not happen in your life, think of them anyway. They are symbols, not what you want to do.  If you need money, don't think of what you don't have. Instead, think of a treasure chest, a bag of gold coins. Always use symbols to talk to you inner energy, and do your best to be happy. Be happy for the energy itself, it has provided you with a way out of your current situation.
Being an efficient electrical generator depends greatly on your choice to let the energy in life itself flow through you. So you can attract what you need to be whole and happy.

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