Friday, May 25, 2012

Letting go

        There is no way to describe letting go. We all think we let go, yet we hang on so your world is not in total chaos. Even when we let go of what we think is a major thing, a week later we realize that we need to let go of a lot more, in order to make change.
         Letting go happens in all levels of the body and mind, we go through layers of it until we feel like we want to lay on the floor wither and retch. In the end we can't let go of all of your lives. The ground beneath our feet would rock so much we would not be able to get out of bed.
         I am not sure their is an end to letting go, it is all an evolution. A choice of free will that every second we have to let go. I used to think that I would come across that one thing and let go of a perception an then my life would work out. Now I see no matter how far along we get, we are always letting go. 
         I have come to see that the letting go of it all becomes reduced to perception. All would say that it has been perception all along but in the beginning it came with people, places, and things. There and it has been most of this time i was hoping that when I let go I would be given a reprieve or something in return. maybe an easer path, someone that wanted to help.
        Designed in what we look for is your own fears. Our wants are designed to ketch you in a way that helps you become congruent, to live with your head and heart matching. When it is all said and done, we learn that what we want is not the letting go we wanted. Letting go is the constant thought, that an energy, a Grace bigger that ourselves is choosing; and it all comes down to one thought and choice. Is this letting Grace or me, guide me?