Thursday, March 10, 2011

Anger with Kids

If you want a better world, leave out the anger with kids. As you grow in this knowledge you will see how manipulative and dangerous your anger is. Now let me cover some things with you first. Kids read energy better than we, as adults, do. They are still energy beings and are learning to honor that energy within or learning to ignore it. Now energy is energy. There is nothing personal about it and kids feel this. They don't know how to deal with it because they relate all things to their world. This means that they relate it to themselves and not to an inner world they have not yet been taught about. So all energy has emotion, and all energy is read by our nervous systems. That is why you say "I feel it in my stomach," or "it hit me in the gut." These are nervous system reactions to your intuition. Now as you go on, you will learn that these emotions are a guide, hence the guided way, they are not meant for you to relate them to yourself. They are meant for you to feel and help you navigate the world, with no judgment as to how they relate to you. I will give you and example. If you are angry at your kid you are using anger, judgment, and condemnation to relate your emotions. I know you want to say; "I am not, I am just angry." But, you have to understand, that in order to be angry you have used these other energies to justify your reaction. Now the kid does not think about what you say because you are approaching them with anger, and anger translates instantly in their nervous system as chaos. Chaos is unpredictable, so then they are scared of you. Now judgment is what we do when we decide the other is wrong. Remember, I said your mind is a trickster. It will fool you into believing you are right all of the time. Now judgment makes the other person wrong, so the energy of "you are wrong" is conveyed. The problem is that when you use this energy you also forget that it is not the person that is wrong, but rather it is the choice they made that is in need of correction. With making the other person wrong comes the energy of condemnation, this is an energy form of annihilation. You then have to eradicate that behavior, but in your anger you have missed the point. It is the behavior, not the person, to make your world calm again.
Now here is the problem with anger. It is read on an energy level, not heard on a physical level. Because it carries the emotional power of your emotions, it is meant to scare people into becoming what you think is right. Yes, I said what you think is right, not what is really right. They don't learn from it, and kids take it to heart and personalize it to be that the person does not like them or hates them, because it carries that kind of power. This is not a self esteem builder. If you want to make a better world, you have to use your anger wisely. Anger is a justifiable tool when you sit and decipher if it is warranted, decide how to use it to speak wisely, and empower another. Remember, you will get better and quicker at thinking this way when you use the skills of feeling your inner energy. Plus, using your inner energy will build your self esteem too.
When it comes to kids, you growing in this area and teaching them what you learn helps build their self esteem. This is real self esteem, not the kind of self esteem that can be pulled from you in the tragedies of life.

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