Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Dark days

       Some of the days that we think we can't survive are the openings for transformation. I have been asking my Divine guidance for assistance for a few days now and my life has gotten chaotic and awful.
In my pain I have come to know the Grace that guides me. In the past i would have gotten caught up in the  mess that life brings to us in times like this.
   I have had many blessing along the way, and in the past I would have over looked these for the other reality of the bad that I see happening around me.
   This brings me to the reality that there is no bad just a movement that helps your lives transform, I want very much to teach this understanding to others, and I know that I need to live it and understand this to teach it.
     There is a peace that prevails when you see Grace in all that happens. We stop labeling good and bad. Knowing that it is all part if life that is in our best interest.
    The dark things that pass in our lives are the excuses to know Grace, commune and love; become whole in the knowing of our inner selves. Others say that they stop, I haven't seen those days yet, but I can see that they may. By virtue of perception, darkness becomes pure Grace flowing through the quality of life. Purifying all we do not want; maneuvering us into happiness.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

life to live

  We all want life to go our way. The reality of that is; that life its self knows what will make us happy. Life is the energy of creation. The reality of what is best for us. Letting go of all of our wants to find what is the best for us is so hard. sometimes we do not even know what we want or think we do; only to find that we are unhappy once we get it. Our wants also change with our development or emotional growth.
      I want to stay home with my kids, they are the love of my life and I want to be there for them and all of the world is conspiring to push me into the world of work. I recently went back to work; only to find that I am delighted with it. Part of me feels like I let my kids down. As if I was not a good mom because I did not fallow the energy of my wants and focus on them. I have also wanted to be independent of the people in my life that want to call the shots. I see now that the stronger energy, the one full of life is the one that makes me free.
     I am happier, not having others around that want me to behave in a certain ways for them. I am happier without there disappointment and judgement; or moodiness.
  I do not like going to work; but I know that the energy of life needs me to be here now; to create time and space to maneuver my life into a different setting.  I can say this, that my life was not working the way I wanted it to; so it is a blessing that it is working the way life is directing it.
       Life we live is not always the best life we could live. Sometimes when we give in to life as it calls us to be, we find ourselves more alive than we thought we could be. Living the life we want can stifle life itself; making our every turn feel wrong. When we move in the direction that we need to; we come alive with the very life of creation.