Saturday, March 26, 2011

Earned Giving

Do you know someone that feels you have to earn there generosity? This conditional giving makes you feel less than a whole person. Energy of this kind does not see you as a whole being. It keeps you proving that you are worthy and that makes you repeat the same mistakes over and over because you never feel good enough. Energetically, energy is what feeds you, the real you. The energy being you are inside, lives and sustains itself on energy itself.  Now, if you are living with or surrounded by people that live with their thoughts in the physical world, you will be drained by the collective thoughts around you. This is were depression comes in. You have to work hard to see and know yourself as whole or the thoughts of others will overcome you. Once you get to the point that you see yourself as whole, their thoughts will not effect you. This is consciousness.
We all give conditionally in the beginning. That is what makes giving so hard. We start to learn that giving is in all forms. We can give a home, money, a compliment, or a kind thought. All forms are giving, but if you give conditionally, your thoughts will suck the life out of the very person you are trying to help. Your thoughts behind the interaction are that feeds them or brings them down.
I have a teenage daughter. She is a usual teen and has wonderful traits, but some selfish ones too. I do not see this as a problem. But I have a family member that does. This family member gave her some money for what she needed for sports, but it came with a conditional note. She would have pay it back if she did not finish the sport season. I was very proud of her, she refused the money and paid for it herself. She later asked me why it made her so mad, I explained that it was because the money was not given freely and that the energy behind the gift did not honor her as a whole being.
The energy behind the giving is that they will fail and that they are not be good enough for generosity. There is another layer that if you have to earn something you are not worthy of it. As a whole being, we are worthy of all that we need. I know this is not how the world works, that is why there is so much lack, but energy works this way. When you feel yourself as an energy being you know you are worthy of all of life, you just have to follow that energy to obtain it. There is a subtle thought shift here, energy is worthy  because it is the things itself. There is a humility to this thought, we work toward getting the thing close to us, but we are worthy of having it. In the physical world, we have done the work to get it, so it looks like we have earned it.
There are many layers to life and some people see things from an earthly point and others see them from an energy point. Giving something that the person needs to earn, energetically tells them they are not worth your effort of giving. Please don't give this way, it ruins relationships.

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