Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Bullying is what we have come to, in the form of warfare. Our need to hurt others has resorted to an underground form of emotional warfare. War has gone from lining up in front of others and mowing them down with guns, to hiding and jumping out and killing them, and now, to getting in their heads and tormenting them to death. We are intelligent beings, but not intelligent enough to stop hurting one another. Our need to be right, or in this case, our need for the world to revolve around us is so great. Our minds are agents of foolishness. They work on a collective energy level. If we do not control them and use our higher thinking to see reality as it truly is, and not how our minds fool us into thinking it is. The reason that emotional warfare is so great is that it is hard for the victim to combat, and hard for them to prove. Even our own minds can run circles around a subject for us. War in the outer world has turned to this too, we have a daily terrorist report, high to low threat levels, and the government acts upon this. The problem with this is that we never get war out of our heads. We have come to live with this silent war in the back ground of our heads, and think that this is acceptable. Our thoughts are our energy and when we think about defending ourselves we are giving energy to our perpetrators. This energy on an energetic emotional level helps feed this behavior, allowing it to seem expect-able. Now on one level war is a reality, but on another, energy level, it can not survive without being fed, energetically.

I am currently dealing with a bully with one of my girls. My daughter wants to have multiple friends, but one of her friends wants exclusive rights to her friendship. So. my daughter had friends over, two of them, and we live in a 500 sq. foot apt. This girl calls to say her previous plans were canceled. The girls said they could not play this time and got off the phone. The phone calls ensued. Now I am going to say some thing that is important and that is, boundaries! I know we say; "I know boundaries", but did you know that the need for boundaries has also upgraded to your mind?

Well, now these girls were in my care and I told them not to answer the phone. I am a huge advocate for emotional well being. I told the kids to do their best to forget this whole thing and have fun, do make-up, play, and be kids.  Well, now comes the scary part. The mom started calling the kids and yelling at them for leaving her daughter out. How does a kid of ten defend themselves? They don't, and should not, have to. This is emotional abuse.  The mother told them that they were leaving her daughter out, out of malice. How does anyone combat lies? I know it is a lie because we live in such a small place I heard every conversation they had. You see now your mind is hooked? You have to keep thinking of ways to combat lies. You can't on this level, that is why it is emotionally abusive. See how bullying is so effective and makes you feel so helpless? Now, I will say, on this level it is helpless, but we are energy beings first, so we can choose to live on another level. Now you have to train your mind to know the energetic seeds within you are more powerful than the outer world, because on another level you can unplug from the collective and not feed these thoughts. The collective belief that what is said in the world can hurt you is not true. So the goal is to focus your energy on what is true and that is that you are safe, you did nothing wrong, believe it, know it, and live it. Your energy of truth is stronger than the energy of lies, but don't think again of the lies, put boundaries around your mind to know only your inner energy.

Your inner energy will be stronger and dissipate the problem.

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