Sunday, March 6, 2011


Prayer is the energetic vehicle by which you get your dreams or inspirations into the world. Prayer is not a religious thing, it is a spiritual-being thing. Religions just use it because they are emotionally intelligent enough to know that it is the only way to bridge your spiritual self with the physical world. When we embark down this path of following our inner energy, we become deeply emotionally intelligent. When you learn the real use of your emotions you realize that they have power. Now you say, "I know that I throw a tantrum and get my way all the time. That's my power." Yes this is one form of emotional power but it is one that has a lot of nasty side effects. Emotionally intelligent people learn that emotions sent through prayer, make lasting change in a loving way.

Prayer is the ultimate weapon in a war fought with love; prayer is the energy vehicle Mahatma Gandhi used to bringing the British empire down. If you want to make faster change in your life with no lasting imprint on the world you need to learn to pray effectively. Effective prayer takes your thoughts and amplifies them with your emotions to create an energy movement. All energy has movement, and all thought is energy; if you need to prove this look into Quantum physics.

So pray, sit quiet as much as you can; use your thoughts to raise your emotions in favor of what you need. Sit and enjoy the feeling of your emotional high, and before you are done sitting, ask that emotion to guide you to make it happen. If you are so upset you cannot sit, do what you are doing but force your mind to think of what you want. Think about it in one sentence or a few words; this becomes a prayer. With this rote form of thinking you are reprogramming your brain to think of the best, and that is the energy you need for change. Go for a walk if you can; make a cadence out of it. Cry your eyes out if you need to but always finish thinking about and knowing that it is being used by your inner energy for your highest good. I will admit that the energy of positive thoughts and emotions bring faster results but the energy it self will use any space it can to grow in a positive way. I would equate this energy to the weeds that grow in the cracks of the concrete; it has a way of getting through no matter how we block it.

So give your inner energy a prayer to help it into your life. Prayer will help you make the changes faster.

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