Monday, March 21, 2011

Emotional Charity

Charity that you can walk away from and not care about the outcome is the highest form of blessing your inner energy can give. When you realize that you are guided and have a task to do, walking away and being grateful you helped is the best gift to yourself and the world. Most of us are not equipped to do this though. We watch what the other people do. We judge them and say they should have taken our help and done something else with it, or made some other decision. We get mad half way through the process and judge that they are not grateful, don't return our help in the way we want their affection to be returned to us.

The reality is that we may need to help, and all help is a guidance from inner energy. We may need to help someone that is sick, that is the energy that they need to feel whole, but they do not see it that way. All they do is complain about is what they don't have now. All my life I have had an attraction to helping people directly, Sick, elderly, displaced, you name it, I try to rescue them. What I understand now is not that I was helping them in this world. I was, but he important thing is that I was in the spot to help them feel whole again. Of course I was not whole myself, so I did not understand this view point. I just got tired of it all and mad that they did not feel better that I was helping.
I recently had to move in with family, they did not have the emotional strength to see it this was either.
I know they have the money to support us, but they do not want to spend it this way. So they wanted me to pay them back buy going to get free food every other week. Well I like good food and I don't like the free stuff, food banks give out, I also know they can afford food along with all the rest.  They also knew I had no way to get other resources, I got mad and felt as if they were abusing the system through me, I did not feel right about taking food we did not need. Most of all I knew it did not make me feel whole when I was sitting in line for food. I did speak up, and I did realize I wanted them to see me as whole. I understood for the first time that giving to someone had to be unconditional, other wise you emotionally wound them.

When someone has the capacity to see you as an essentially whole being even if you are in need, they are working the highest form of emotional charity. This has the capacity to heal you of any lack. We all are whole, it is our pain about life that makes us become less. So, see yourself as whole and understand that all the people in your life are here to fill some need, allowing you to BE whole. Most of all remember you are here to fill spots of lack in there lives also. Give with emotional maturity.

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