Sunday, March 6, 2011


Happiness is a learned skill. As illusive as happiness is, it has been studied recently by universities. I recently moved to a new geographic location, in the middle of the U.S., from the east coast. I have not found the right people yet because the people I have met have not learned happiness. They are still worried about their lot in life and are having a hard time focusing on their own happiness.

We the people are responsible for our own happiness, so choose to be happy, regardless of what the person next to you is doing! Ok, let me say this, is the person next to you going to be a better person because you are unhappy? No! That thinking has not worked for you or any other. So be happy, ignore them. Is your life going to change situations because you are unhappy? No, so find a way to accept it and be happy, or peaceful.

Happiness, one study I read said, did not increase once you got out of poverty. Your happiness level stayed the same as what you learned was happy, as when you were little. Yet the study did say you can choose to raise your happiness level by choosing to be happy in all of life's problems. You can only change your way of thinking with your inner energy, it is your only true source of lasting change. Sit a while and think of your happy energy, use your quiet time to ask the inner power to help you grow your happiness level.

Happiness is contagious, it makes you a better person, calmer, peaceful, and nicer to be around. I remember when I moved to the last town I lived in. I was in a bit of a fog. I had just had a baby and when she got old enough, I wanted to make friends. I was at the local preschool with my oldest and realized that I had to get happier to make friends with the people I wanted to befriend. I had not learned to be happy, or what I learned was that "happy" was really a quiet life of misery. I started to be aware of how much I frowned and that I had to make happy polite conversation, not jump into the most recent problem in my life. I know this all sounds elementary, but some people have never learned a better way. I have a family member that is still living a quiet life of misery, she is in her fifties. She laughs at others to show others she is happy. This is not happiness, it is belittling. Her seeds of happiness get used though, she is a clown sometimes, that is her only genuine form of pure energy use. To me, that speaks of the power of this energy. It finds a way to show up even when you try your best to stifle it.

Happiness with intention, or the conscious use of your inner energy, is wonderfully pure and joyous. So be happy, and you will light the world.

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