Tuesday, September 13, 2011

energy flows

       Energy flows like a river, when it meets no Resistance it feels free and life is peaceful and safe. It has taken me so long to understand how unbiased all this is, there is no place in any of life for taking anything personal.
        It still, to this day amazes me how people treat each other and how they justify anger and taking there own feelings out on others. I have gotten so good at understanding my intuition that it feels so bad when people are angry around me. Sometimes I feel like a little kid again, raw to all that passes through me and sad about how others hold so much in anger. I have felt it so acutely, I feel overwhelmed by it all; now understanding how my kids feel. I realized that is the point in my path; to be guided to understand, feel, and learn to see it as patterns that have nothing to do with me as an energy being. I am so grateful to have places that my energy flows and I can move in a direction, creating with life and working for the bigger common good.
        I have never wavered in that, I want to teach and heal others with this knowledge. I know I have had to endure all that I have gone through to know and help others. All I have wanted all my life is to help, heal others and I see now it has been a path that has been guided all the way and I was born with this knowledge and fire to heal. Energy is a pattern that has nothing to do with us as people it uses us to heal the whole, it is us, we do not chose it. Energy is the essence of who we are, and when we understand it; or become conscious, we know we have to fallow that flow. Nothing else will help us be at peace, or help heal the world of all ailments.
        Do not feel bad about fallowing your peace, know with all your heart that it is healing the world.
Mast of the things we have to do to fallow that peace create pain for others; hold firm and chug on, peace will prevail.