Saturday, March 12, 2011


Home is were you are free to live in your own energy. We all emanate our energy into the walls, space, or were ever we live. That energy also radiates back to us, helping us feel at home. When you go visiting, there is a back ground energy that does not match yours, so a part of you feels unrested. At home you can let down your guard, energetically, because no one will question your belief system. There is times that a person in the family will ask you to justify your behavior; and depending on there emotional level, they may confront you with anger or kindness causing you to feel safe, or not, in your own home. Your home also nurtures you energetically, helping you feel safe enough that you can be open to change. Change is always going on, you can't stop change, it is the way energy weaves life into the world. Energy is constantly in motion if you stop the flow some place it will find a way around the stop, this flow is for the better of the world. Sometimes we don't see the change as good, and it may not be, but it is the way the energy of the world needs to work out what is best for us and all the world around us. The energy can't work things out just in our behalf, it has to work life out for the benefit of all, because we are part of all.

We all want homes with peace and those around us supporting us in our life's work. To be a part of a wonderful whole that cheers us on as we give back to the world is a utopia for all of us. I have always want to create this kind of world, even if it was in the microcosm of my home. I was told by people that did not want to make the effort for this kind of creation; that it can't be done. Yet I know it can; and that it is a small model of the emotional maturity that the world needs to make peace in the macrocosm. Peace is the place that you are in when you know that you are working for the better of the whole of the universe. That is home for your soul, to know you are working for the universal energetic soul.

As far as your personal home, well do what I did, insist that they try. With draw all extras, with love and intention, and tell them you are trying to improve all of life. They will come around, love or energy always prevails.  It is so important to create a home with intention, first it is a model of peace, second it is an esteem builder, and third because we, family and all; need a safe place to be our best and grow our souls. I pride myself on how I love those around me, I want to bring out the best in them, allowing them the safety to be there best. They quickly will miss how they are loved. Yet some times it is human nature to take advantage of that, to become compliant and not try. Evolution is ever moving so we have to try every day, we do get smarter in how we interact with each other, and the trying turns into second nature. You start to see that you did the right  things and that builds your confidence in your inner energy. Still home is the place to start building self esteem, and as you grow it is the place that will nurture you on in being the best being you can be.

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