Sunday, March 6, 2011

Creating Reality

Creating your reality with intention is a lot of work, but how bad do you want it? My ex-husband would tell me, "That's too much work. I don't want to control my thoughts." He and a lot of others would consider it extreme, fundamentalism at its best. I like to think of it as my civic duty, a moral obligation, to be in control of my mind, body and spirit. First it is the only thing that I have, no one can take that away from me, no one can hurt my thoughts, set them afire, beat them up. But I can choose to use my thoughts for good, honest kindness, and that is what I choose. Yes my choice is at the expense of all the other choices. Yet when others choose, they choose less than that and it is at the expense of choosing better, or worse, maybe. So in a way I have used my human ability to choose to control my mind-thoughts, and that is the only way to change reality, or create it in any way. All this choice to create comes with practice, devotion, and dedication, or time.

At some point in this journey I realized that I have relied a lot on my comfort zone. I have looked for answers in all the things and outlets that I have known: money, security, companionship. I have continuously looked in the places that I have known, and it has kept me from advancing, in some ways. I have wanted to make strides outwardly but have made great strides inwardly, but I have also sought after that, too. What I am trying to say is that the inner has to precede the outer. So creating your reality, does not happen over night. Creating comes with the work that it takes to develop faith, trust in your inner energy. It is available to you though, and you do it all the time. You create with every thought, you just create thoughtlessly. That is why they call it conciseness, because you have to learn to do it with intention.

So if you use logic, controlling your thoughts is a moral obligation; it is you who create with them. Shouldn't we all want to create and make better a world gone awry?

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