Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Using Energy For The Whole

If you lived at the level of living out of your inner guidance, you will have nothing but success. When you follow the guidance you may have to do things that upset people at first, but when the process gets underway, you will begin to see why it was the best thing for the whole universe.

On an energy level, the internet was invented by that same energy itself. Yes, if energy itself did not need it, it would not have even been a thought in someone's mind. We act out of that energy. That is what makes us successful, following our guidance. Anyway, the internet was ultimately meant to unite us globally. It has taken many turns and has been used for ulterior motives along the way, but you can now start to see how the energy of the world is uniting to do the work of the common good. In countries of unrest we are now seeing the young people unite to make major changes. They are uniting at risk to their own lives to better the whole world. This is true peace. This inner power of this is the same energy that Mahatma Gandhi used in freeing nations from the British Empire. We are now starting to witness the evolution of our intelligence in masses to save the world. It starts now in large scale, to bring consciousness to the world. It is a guiding moment that is guiding us all to evolve and be at peace through this inner energy. We are meant to see their struggle and see there is not much we can do. This is how energy works, it maneuvers into your life and backs you into a corner so all you CAN do is listen to it. We can't do much to help the young people in the countries that are struggling to free the world, yes the whole world! This is the energy that will bring in peace to all of us. But we can believe that it will be what is needed to save humanity. We can talk to our inner energy and ask it to keep them safe, to bring them peace so they can carry on fearlessly. That is a strong energy, and you can dedicate yourself to it by using your thoughts for the cause. Do not let any of the stories get you down, have faith that you can help with the dedication of your energy.

We may seem isolated by miles, but the world is not apart, we are part of it. The best use of your energy is to think wholeness through what is going on, and to feel empowered by your own effort to support the whole through your thoughts of common good.

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