Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Inner Life

An inner life is not the priority in this world that it should be. We seem to think that going out is better. We derive more pleasure from shopping, going, and doing. We fill our kids lives with activities and run them around to keep them out of trouble, or fill the space. When it is quiet we have a hard time with the peace, and feel lonely in the solitude. Our children learn to value going out more than being in. We are too busy looking and experiencing the outer world, distracting ourselves from the real work of true inner growth. When we do stay in, it becomes too painful to get along with the others we live with, because we did not stay in long enough to do the work of growing with them and developing great relationships. So our children learn that happiness is out, because they see us happier out. Yet we want great relationships because they are a lasting tribute to the world. Making a balance of your inner life and outer life should be a priority. Your inner life will help you run your life more smoothly and in more harmony than you can do on your own. You will live a happier, more purposeful life when you do this work also.
All of us in some way want to know that our lives mean something, that it all has not been in vain. Yet not all of us can leave this world with a new hospital, or some important research project fully funded. If we make our inner life a priority, we have left the world a better place.
When our inner life is something we live through, we live with less negative impact on this world. We emanate peace and bring happiness to all those around us. We choose to live and buy things that support a better world, and teach through our lives that inner is a better way than the unhappiness of the outer world.
Your inner life is a process of growth just as your outer relationships, so start making it a priority. If you have kids or any other relationships they will benefit from your efforts also. You will be guided in your efforts and how you deal with them. All of this creates meaning and fulfillment in life, and teaches the value of practicing an inner life.

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