Sunday, March 13, 2011


I am going to venture to say that we insist that people lie to us. This may make some mad, but that is my point. Your anger makes them lie. I have watched human nature all of my life, and if you step back and see it all in a sort of slow motion, you can see the energy at play. Now, when we confront people, we are using our energy to convey that they are wrong. But, with energy in the picture, they may not be.  If we understood energy, it works in a different way.

So lets look at it from an energy perspective. Lets say your mate, friend, or family member starts going out without you. They are acting on an energetic urge to be away from you. Are you going to support this? What if the energy is for the better, if they need to go because you are no longer getting along? What if they are at an emotionally different level than you and can't put it into words that they need to go, or that they are not ready to go because they fear for there safety? Maybe they need to branch out and have some time to themselves, all relationships need space to grow. "Oh," you say, "they owe me an explanation, after all we have been through." Yes on the level of the earth stuff they do, but they can't, because they do not feel safe.   AND, on an energy level, they may need to lie to you so you grow to learn that no one owes you anything. We all have to grow to learn that what we do is done unconditionally, no one is entitled to anything. Anger is a powerful thing, but from an energy level, it deserves a lie, because anger does not honor love, it blocks love. You are with people around you out of love and love forces us to grow, to evolve to its level. We have to grow to that energy level because we are energy beings.

So the next time you condemn someone for their behavior, stop and think of how your behavior effects them. Are you approaching them out of love and empowering them?  Are you willing to support them even if it rocks your world? Are you willing to talk calmly and try to work things out even if it means to work out separating? OR are you going to go on insisting that every one is a liar and not look at how you fit into there lies?

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