Monday, February 28, 2011

Watering Your Seeds

Many times we get angry and forget our seeds of intention. I have a friend that wants very much to water the seeds of intention for us to get together and have a relationship. His efforts have been rooted in intention, but every time he thinks his efforts are not paying off, he gets angry. As a gardener does, you have to plant the seed in the sun, water it with affection and knowing. This knowing is a form of energy that feeds all things in life. It is the knowledge that life is energy and that if the seed you planted is meant to grow, it will. If you dig your seed up and yell at it; tell it that it is growing in the wrong direction and withhold your love it becomes a stunted plant, or byproduct of your time and effort. Eventually the very thing you are trying to nurture will die, from lack of love. We get angry and feel justified, that we are right and the other is wrong; we lose our initial seed of intention. The seed does not receive our energy or our thoughts. Now we start to water the seed of "needing to be right", rather than the person or thing we love and want to improve on.

Now, we all have things that we want to improve on in life, so don't get upset, I am not belittling this fact. What I am saying is that energy works on different rules than we do. You have to work on its terms. Whatever the problem is, you have to give the opposite to the problem. So, if your partner does not help you around the house, you have to help him, and at the same time water the seed, or thought, of love. Or, you can do the work yourself, but you have to think of it as the help and love you need. Think of the work you are doing as extra energy from the energy pool, that you are getting what you need, and then thank that same energy for your partner. Even when we don't feel loving or happy about our lives, our thoughts are working an energy magic deep in the soil of our lives. So put on your thought blinders and see your garden with rows of what you need. On the days when you can't muster the idea that your garden is growing good things, tell yourself it is anyway.

Saturday, February 26, 2011


In a cosmic way, we all fit together as a puzzle. We all have situations in life that we wish would just go away. I call these energetic holding patterns. Some of us work through our preconceived notions of how life is supposed to be in order to let go of these holding patterns. In the end, I think we all struggle with the last question;"Why won't this go away?", or "When will this end?... I have worked through this!" This is true, but the deeper thought is that energetically, we fit together in a puzzle, and your pain fits into others lives also. I must add that it is never just one other person you affect either. There are many, and they need to learn also. There is also a collective whole that is part of your energy system, and if you are oppressed in any way, that is also an outlet for reform on a larger scale. The truth about using energy is that you have to have faith in your every fiber, that you have to use your energy seed to retrain your thoughts to know this energy is helping at all times. There have been many before us that have spent the time in contemplation of this and have lived these truths and had successful lives. Einstein said "There are two ways to look at life; as if it is all a miracle or nothing is a miracle."  He was right, there is no sitting on the fence with this one, you either use your willpower to believe or you don't, but either way it is, and that energy will teach you that perception if you let it. The average person doesn't see that perception, because they just haven't put forth the dedication and devotion to the energy itself. You cannot be without this energy, it is the very life in you and all around you. Energy is what holds all the world together and that in itself is a miracle. When feeling down think of how your puzzle piece fits in to those around you, and be grateful that you are part of the energy that is making the world a better place. Seeing the world like this also brings peace, then your energy relaxes you and then you flow with healing energy. It is so nice to be a puzzle piece that heals the world!

Friday, February 25, 2011


Things are stuff we want, have, or desire to happen; but all of it has to happen in this world or the people around us don't consider us successful. The flip side of this is that we get those things through not-so-upstanding means, and no one respects us for what we have. I have been, for all intents and purposes, without a suitable home since my divorce in 2005. I have had homes, but they are not where we, as a family, want to be. They have either been controlled by others or of the wrong size. It is a constant thought in my mind that stability is what a home creates for me and my family. I remind myself that stability is a seed I had to learn to grow in myself. I sometimes think stability is a lost virtue in this society. We all want it and it speaks to, and of, our spiritual, energetic lives, but valuing it is not something we seek. I have created a stable home life. At one point I realized it had to come from me, that I had to give this to myself and my kids. I became calmer, kinder, and solidified my inner world so I was not so inconstant in my outer world. I have not gotten a home in the outer world yet. I keep reminding myself that it is a representation of stability and comfort to the soul, planting my seeds of physical stability.

I do have a family member at this time that has created a home, but I would not call it stable because if it were not for me, there would not be much love in it. She has obtained this home by choosing to live in poverty all her life. She is very proud of this, and expects all around her to respect that, and live this way too. This is what I mean about when you obtain things through not-so-stellar means, no one respects it. It does not speak to you as an energy being, to live this way, just to have things. Energy is abundant, there is nothing that is without it, so why go without to get what you need? You can use your energy for all sorts of things, but not all means are worth you efforts. The things of life, that are stable, come because you have used your energy in the right place.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Guided Way

We all are born with energy to bring into this world and have our lifetimes to learn it and understand it. What I mean by this is an energy pattern that is an outlet for the common good. Everything is an energy pattern, this has been proved by quantum physicists. One of my energy patterns is unconditional love, I did not understand this until I was going through my divorce from my husband. Then I understood why I was so unrelenting on the subject of love. We all have these energy patterns, and they work together to form the quality of the energy we are supposed to give to this earth. So unconditional love is the strongest guide in my life, it clouds all of my relationships and guides the quality of responses that I have.

The highest, form of this love is to love itself back, and through that you become a pure vessel of love for all energy of the world. Loving love itself completes the circle. You can find your energy patterns by looking at your behaviors. In the beginning I got in a lot of trouble with love, I loved for the wrong reasons and loved the to the wrong extent. Love fills a need in the moment and moves on. Your energy patterns will have this in common too. They are the places that you have made a mess of life, but the core reason you got involved was from a pure standpoint.

Rescuer energy is the same, in that you burn out fast. All of your energy is focused on helping the cause that you are attracted to. Yet, as you go along helping, you get caught up in the fact that the perpetrator is a problem. Then you start to use your energy for anger toward the perpetrator. Now your energy is moved away from the initial cause, leaving you drained. When you use your energy for anything but the energy pool you lose it, because you are no longer completing the circle. The energy you use for this world disconnects you from the guide and cuts off vital life energy.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I look back at my life and see that I only have one true friend. We have not always been friends and it has been an on and off friendship. Friendship is not what I thought it was as a child. I grew up thinking it was what you did for others and what they did for you, because that was the example given to me.  It is so much deeper, and I was not always the best of friends. When this is what you think of it, you start to expect too much in return. True friendship is the energy of the love you put behind what you do, not what you do.

I will admit I married this friend, but never lost site of the friendship. When I divorced him, in 2005, I told our friends that I just wanted my friend back. It was one of the best seeds I planted in my life. Even though we have been through custody issues, I always kept sight of the fact that it was better to treat him with loving friendship than to argue. Even In the times I did not feel very loving, I always signed our letters, texts, and emails with "Love, M." I wanted to honor the underling intention of my care even in adversity. It has been many years now and our lives have mellowed out.  There has developed a wonderful energy behind all our dealings, kind of a mutual admiration society. I am so grateful that my seeds of intention grew and blossomed in this area. I see how it has taught me to be a better person in all ares of my life.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Excellent Parenting

There is no one thing in parenting that makes you the best, but a few things can make you excellent. The first is not to be preoccupied, you need all your thought energy on the kid you are with. They will then feel that you are with them and know you think they are special. This is the first step in healthy self esteem. Also, when your thought energy is clear, you can make better and calmer decisions. Being present is one of the best gifts you can give to your child, and to the world for that matter. It also allows you to be happier, and joy around a child is another important thing. When kids see you happy they think you are happy to be with them, and this is an esteem building block. Happiness is a learned skill, not all of us had it in our childhoods, so we did not learn to value having it. One of the best skills you can teach is happiness and the primary way we teach is through living it.

Those are the two things I feel are that are deeply important. There are others too, but the others seem to come when you are present as a parent. Devotion, I say, is third in line. Not many kids get this anymore. I didn't get it when I was young and I learned by example to be a very selfish parent in the beginning. When I started watering my seed energy of excellent parenting, I saw a lot of the things I was doing as counterproductive to my true values.

Using the skills of watering the seed energy within you, helps water the seed energy of that kind in all aspects of your life. So when you decide to become devoted to being an excellent parent, that excellent seed grows you into an excellent person in all parts of  your life. You become a better parent, lover, friend, child, and citizen of the world.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Gentle Motherhood

I have always wanted to be a kind mother. For the most part I think I have mellowed out to be that. What I see is that you really have to be firm sometimes, even if you add a loving touch to that. I grew up in a home with plenty of discipline of all kinds, and what I learned was a heavy dose of retaliation. I also learned I did not want to be that kind of parent, one that disciplines out of anger.

I soon learned that some of the things I said to my kids made no sense from the point of view of someone learning. I once heard my self say,"I do everything for you! And you can't pick up after your self?" Now I know a lot of people say this, my mom did. What message was I trying to convey? Was I trying to plant the seeds of loving co-operation? Was I trying to teach obligation regardless of my children's needs? When I looked at this, I saw that I was planting the seed of obligation. I did not want to do this, it can leave my children open to molesters, abusers, and adult messes. So I decided I needed to explain my intent in understandable terms, planting the seed of family co-operation and unity. I still have to discipline, my kids take advantage of me, but that is part of the peace I also teach. I feel great about my choices. I know I water the seed of love, even in my discipline. I want my kids to grow up in the peace generation, making loving changes all around the world, for the better of this planet.

Sunday, February 20, 2011


In the beginning life can seem like such an effort. That is why it is such a joy when you start to realize that all you do is helped by this energy. When you spend time thinking about it and then listening for the response, life becomes a joy. I will not lie; it is an effort and takes time, like planting a garden. You start from seeds and then have to water, weed, and wait. Once you get on your way though, life and the responses you get in return, become effortless. The fear you have over things not going quite right starts to dissipate because you start to understand that if you’re helped, nothing can stop that energy.

I wanted to have a last minute dinner party today, so I called my brothers, but I was fretting over what to serve. I took my mind off it to pour a cup of coffee and it came to me, Mexican chicken. I have all the ingredients for that and all the side dishes! I was happy to know that I was guided to the right answer and did not have to go to the store, what a delight! The payoff for the effort is worth the work. To know you're serving the common energy of the world, living in harmony, is the best effort any of us can make in this lifetime!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Seed Energy

We all contain energy of all things. Even when we don't use the skills, we have the ability to use and hone them and become proficient at them. Everything we do uses the strength of this seed energy. What you get good at is what you have practiced, so you have grown that seed. You can learn anything new, by believing in the energy within yourself that can assist you to learn.

So when your spouse is sitting on the couch and you have a million things that need to be done, he is watering his seed of selfishness. Now, do not get mad. You get mad because the other side of that energy is that you feel that you are not worthy of respect. It is a common theme, that makes people mad, but the seed of generosity needs to be watered in both of you. So you grow your generosity seed, even if you do not feel it for awhile. Your intention is the energy that creates growth in the seeds. Slowly you start to feel generous even when he does nothing. But the energy is still working, and energy is in all of us, so it is talking to him even if you are not. Your energy creates an urge in him to help, and as your intention increases and becomes proficient, his urge to help overcomes his need to help himself.

We are all vast and strong beings, so when someone says they are tired and can't help, it speaks to us on many different energy levels. First, your core energy knows you are strong and that not helping is wrong; it doesn't honor the energy itself. Second it is disrespectful to you that they leave you with all the work, it does not honor the seed energy that your partnership was a joint venture. Honor is a big rule with energy. It can only flow through you, unencumbered,  when you honor it. So the energy itself needs your devotion, honor, and loyalty. They all work together.


Being a mom is something I thought would be a given. When I grew up my mom was home, yet she was not there. As I became a mom and soon enough went through a divorce, I started to realize I was impatient, unhappy around the kids. A few years later, my ex and I went back to court for custody. I was filled with pain, and every time I was with my kids I felt the pain and bewilderment of the situation. I only got to see my kids three days a week and it felt like I was going to die. I could not even breathe through those days. Something in me knew I wanted to heal this whole situation, but I wanted to heal it with love. My mind raced day and night, yet I knew I needed to get it under control to focus my thoughts on a plan. My relationship with the kids was not going well. Once, they looked at me and said,"We just want you to be happy." I knew I had to find a place in my self to get happy when I was with them or our relationship would suffer. The one thing I wanted most, since childhood was to be a great mom. I realized I was not living up to that in myself. So I went out and bought beads, and when my kids were home I spent at least an hour a night beading with them. I knew if my intention was to create a good mother, I had to rise above my pain and be one. We had some great times. It did start to ease my pain, and I would even do it when they were not home, saying over and over their names, with the intention to reunite us as a family. Needless to say things did change, and I have no doubt it was because of my intention, to do this through love and not anger.


Your thoughts are energy, and maybe you have heard that before, but they are the real energy of change. Have you ever done something and your thoughts were so happy, say go to a restaurant: you had a great night, loved it, and were happy with the people. Then another time you are in a bad mood; Friday night you decide to go back with a friend a few weeks later. You and your friend talk about the bad week and end up having a bad night? Your thoughts created the reality of both.

Well here is another aspect of this, I have had money in my life and not. Yet I have always had food. I love food. I love food for how it nurtures us, and so I love it for how I can use it to nurture others. My mom is a TV dinner mom, and in high school I dated an Italian who had great Sunday dinners. I soon saw how food talks to your soul. Something I had not learned as a child, but saw in Sunday dinners at his house. Needless to say, I have always known I loved and nurtured those around me through food. I love to cook and even if I have no money I will feed someone, or share food in some way, knowing it is a way of abundance.

Thinking of loving something, or people through something is an outlet for energy to run through you. How you think of something is how the outcome will turn out. When I cook for others I am happy, I sing, laugh with the kids. It is so joyous and I know people like my food because it is love. I nurture their energy with my intention and devotion, and they linger for friendship.

Now I have seen my mom cook a large family meal; she complains it takes too much work, while she is cooking. She cooks out of cans and then announces at the meal that it only cost her so much money. The food is mediocre, and family leaves early. She makes meals out of obligation and the energy in the food is obligation. No one feels loved and nurtured by the food and it is not a joy.

Know that all your thoughts have an impact, energy is flowing at all times, pay attention to where it is going.


I could write forever on money. It is a make it or break it deal for most people. Money is the determining factor for most people when it comes to following their intuition. This thing I call energy is coming to you all the time, but we the people haven't learned what it means to the energy world, or how it works in our lives. So when we get the information, we say, "No, I can't do that," or "No, I don't have the money." We do not realize that if we follow this energy, it will provide you with the money, tools, or time you need to complete the task. Now you learn to tell the difference between an ordinary thought and inspiration with practice, but I can tell you that the energy itself will turn an ordinary thought, or self-motivated agenda, into a higher purpose if you allow it. So if you make a mistake, you can transform it.

So here is the story. I got involved in this barn deal, the one I mentioned yesterday. Well, it was to help the guy, and maybe a little too much. So, do you see the energy agenda? Now none of us know when we have these agendas. But when it starts to bring thoughts of upset, like when I was upset that he never called me, not even to talk about the animals, I had to step back and ask what my agenda was. So for the first month or so I was a little sad, along with having no friends because I had just relocated.

I realized through dedication to my inner energy that I would help the animals even if I never talked to this man again. So, there was a day or two that it took for this to set in and then I started to enjoy the animals. It became my dedication to love them and walk with them, to bring love in that day that they may never have had before. Then it became a joy.

Ok, well about the money thing. So I don't have any now, and I need food for them. So I tell him I need food today, creating a little chaos in his life. I also said, "Can I take the animals to auction?"

He says, "No, the market is down, I AIN’T selling now."

Who says “ain’t” any more? Ok, that’s not nice...anyway... LOL. You see what I mean? The energy of money will do strange things to you. People fear it so much. It will cost him more money, stress, and hurt more people and things, just for the fear of not having it.

I asked this guy to bring food, three bags of various kinds. He brought one third of a bag of dog food. I also asked him to clean out the stall of one dog, a trouble dog. He did not do it. He said he was running late. Now the energy is such, at this time in his life, that he needs the money for other things and his time for other things. This is creation, intuition talking through disaster. Yet he is not listening. This energy wants what is best for you, and helps you narrow your life down to the few things that bring you joy. Listen to it.

Thursday, February 17, 2011


Did you ever have your world turn into a disaster? I am watching a barn for a friend. He has allowed me to care for this barn for four and a half months. Now I have reassured him that this is ok, but I have no resources to buy food for the animals. I do call him some times for food but most of the time I have gotten food from friends and borrowed money for feed. I have grown to love these animals and want them to have better homes. They live in poor conditions; even though I clean the stalls, I have no money for bedding. I know that they need more time and money, and I have tried to address this with this man. He does not call me and the only time I talk to him is by texting.

I am sure he does not have the resources to feed them or care for them the way they need to be cared for. Now, my intent was to relieve his energetic pain of this burden during this life crisis. We all have those moments when we bite off more than we can chew and then the energy creates more problems, and our lives shift again and we can't finish what we started. So my intent to help was to provide him the time he needed to stable himself and then move the animals on so they can have the home they need and he can start over again, on a stable foot.

Now here are the different layers of energy: He does not know this is what is going on, that the energy itself is pushing him to let go. He wants something but is not willing to devote to the energy to get it. When you allow the energy within you to bring what you want, you become devoted to the energy and the thing. Your gratitude for the energy bringing the stuff binds it to you. But when your gratitude fades, the time is to move on. Some people that do not know this energy rule will cling to things and create disaster, upsetting all around them. The energy itself is the creator of all things, so it is trying to move the things out of your life. It does it in gentle way or a chaotic way.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Blog is Born

My name is Michelle, and I am a single mother of three beautiful girls. My life is full of ups and downs just like everyone’s life. I have spent the majority of my life teaching myself about psychology. Even as a child I saw how unhappy others were, but I wanted so bad to help and understand the real reason.

People would say they were upset because of something physical, but even as a kid I could see that the physical meant something deeper. This caused even more trouble as I grew up because I would tell people what they really meant. They didn't like that because they wanted it to be other people’s fault, of course so did I, when it was my turn. I did not understand what I was doing wrong. As time went by I started to read more about spirituality and Eastern philosophies. I started to see that what was really missing in everyone’s life was a sense of wholeness. Eastern philosophies teach that we are one mind, body, and spirit. Along with this I was learning about energy and realized that I was reading others energy patterns.

I have spent the last three years developing my skill, and I call it that because I can teach anyone to read the energy patterns in their lives. This is the majority of why people live in unhappiness, they just don't know how to honor this side of themselves and follow the information. This information comes to us every moment of the day and most of us ignore it or attribute it to something else, and if we follow it we ruin the outcome because we misuse it.

The energy by which we are designed is unbiased and has its own rules, higher rules, the real rules that run the universe. This is why we make a mess of what we receive from the information. We just were not taught the rules or how to use them. I will admit that it takes time, effort, and attention to develop your skills of knowing this and using them. Yet I can testify that it is the best thing you will ever do and will be only thing that brings lasting change to your life.

Each day I will write something in hopes to inspire you, maybe I can help you get unstuck, or help a new truth dawn on your consciousness. It is easier than ever to make change in your life. All you have to do is practice and dedicate effort. Notice I did not say time, I am a single mom, time is not an option. When I was learning for myself, I read time, meditation, and it put me off. I was exhausted and depressed, and just wanted help, so I found ways to bring this idea into my life with what I had. Sleep and depression, yes even that. It really takes effort and the time comes later. The very energy you seek to learn about wants you to know it, so it will very much create time in your life. It will create time when you show it that you want it in your life, and you show it by making it part of your life.

Blessings to you all on our journey together, my hope is to inspire you, and be the catalyst to making a better world one person at a time. If you will follow me, I will change your life and those around you for the better. I am looking forward to what you all have to say, and know that you will teach me also.