Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Victim vs. Victimized

Now, you may say that they are the same, that being victimized makes you a victim, but it does not. I too thought like this, and at one time in my life I saw the world differently. On the whole, I thought that people were inherently selfish and thoughtless. I am not sure that I thought they were out to get me, or out to take advantage of me. I certainly thought that they put own welfare before mine, and that may have been true. Yet, I know another truth. That truth is simply that how you feel about how you fit into the world will be what happens to you. At one point I realized I felt like a victim and that I did not want to feel this way. It was at that point that I saw I could choose to do something or continue to feel this way. I can tell you this, even in circumstances  in which you can't move, either emotionally or physically, you can think. Thoughts are your power and when you start using this skill you will maneuver yourself out of any condition. Victims think of themselves as being victimized, and a lot of people are these days. However, being victimized does not make you a victim unless you believe you are worthy of that kind of treatment.  I know, none of us think we are worthy of bad things, but unconsciously we do. That is the power of our unconscious thought. Becoming conscious of not being a victim is very empowering. All of a sudden, the light goes on and you know that you can do something... anything. When you realize you can do anything, even the thought that you do not have to endure the thought itself of what happened, or is happening, is empowering. If it is a lingering thought of the abuse, you can empower yourself with thinking of healing.
There are some of us that feel like victims. I say feel because we don't know or see it that way, but we energetically transmit that emotion to others. We are the depressed, emotionally abused, and confused people that can't understand why we have people that pick us, all the time, to take advantage of. Now I have to say we don't understand this or see ourselves from this perspective, but it is going on. Energy flows in frequency's like a radio channel, so we emit that which we think. You can tell someone that does think this by the way they talk. They will talk about how "not nice" other people are and that they are "so nice." Their chatter is about how other people choose to hurt them or others. The energy behind their words is that they are better than the perpetrators.

When you think this way, you see the world through the lens of victim. You will measure everything others do by how it effects you, even if the original intent had nothing to do with you. I had an aquantence that told me she was going to have plans with a friend on Saturday night, so I made plans. I had friends over and three hours into my night that person called and asked what I was doing, I said that I had friends over and would give her a call later. The phone calls ensued that I was leaving her out, I was mean because I had not invited her. Well , this was an example of emotional blackmail, an energetically angry onslaught of how I was wrong. I know I was not wrong, my plans did not include a thought of her so they had no malice. I felt it was "ok" to sever the relationship, this was the energy message I was getting, from my guide, that we were ill-fitted as friends. Emotionally we are not in the same place and we would, or she would, continue to think I was hurting her. So, I released her from this torture. She can now go on like this or begin to grow emotionally, and outgrow this type of thinking.
The truly victimized have things that happen to them, but they see it as a difference of development, that the perpetrator is not at an emotional point at which they can behave better. The biggest difference is that we do not take it personally, and that we know we are stronger. We also must be aware that the events that take place become part of a plan, even if it is a plan for the moment, in our heads. We must begin to act upon it. We feel strong enough to move on and do not let the energy of others be a part of who we are as great beings.

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