Friday, March 11, 2011

Mind, Body, and Soul

When our mind, body and soul are working together they form an alliance full of peace and power. It is the journey of recognizing our guidance and power, and uniting this trio that is our essential selves, which makes us whole. You can tell yourself that you are outwardly preforming a task with good intentions and, of course, according to your ego, you are. You do this with your mind and body, but all the while your soul, or energy system, is emitting your true motive. Others can read this and, if they honor there own guidance, they know the truth. If they don't, they will believe you, and feel split and tortured because they are ignoring a part of themselves. Back to you; you will feel the stress of the split also, the stress of ignoring your soul, or inner guidance, comes in your body through the nervous system. At first it is a gagging thought that won't go away. Next it is a more constant thought, then it becomes a physical problem, perhaps an ache of some kind. Lastly, the stress becomes an illness of some sort. This is the evolution of the split of our selves, on the stress level. We do not know or see this split because, if we did, we would have to change our behavior. We could not go on acting badly. The motive of acting badly is that we get our way faster and on a physical level. Once we start to grow our mind's emotional skills we start to understand that not all the things we want are in our best interests, and we no longer care about getting our way. We care more about the effect we have on the world around us.
Making your mind control your thoughts and actions in accordance with your soul honors that we are energy beings first and foremost. We are, but that is not valued in our world as if yet. Yet, when you bring your mind in line with your soul, and act out of this guidance, your are at peace with the world around you. You may have problems that arise but they don't stay as problems. They dissolve into the answers because you listen for the guidance that directs you as to how to handle the situations. The peace comes from knowing that you are never apart from the answer. You have made yourself a whole unit by being what you are first, and that is an energy being, having a life here, at this time, in history. Peace comes from being whole. When you are whole, you lack nothing, and nothing is unobtainable. That is where your power comes from, and feeling empowered enough to know there is a part of yourself that is able to resolve any situation that arises.
The world may not value making life whole as of yet, but if you live it, you will. Putting your mind, body and soul in alignment is the best thing you can do in in your life. So, enjoy the peace.

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