Friday, March 4, 2011

Thought Momentum

I have to tell you, one of the first things that I experienced was that my thoughts raced about everything. Mostly, they repeated how others were doing something I thought could be improved upon. Even when I tried to slow down my thoughts, they would speed up with a momentum of there own. I found out that this is true, that thoughts do have and create their own momentum. So, the next logical thought is to create a momentum of thought you want to think. This is also true, but your mind, being a machine that has already been programmed to think along another path, will revert to that path until you lead it back to the new path enough times to override the old thought paths. Life is an evolution of training your mind in behaving only along energy patterns of the highest order.

You can start to slow down your thoughts by using feeling, by starting to feel your body. The most noticeable place that I found my thoughts landed was in the back of my neck and shoulder blade area. The skin would pinch and I would have to let down my shoulders. You can find the stress there, or wherever you may hold it. Even if you do not have any idea what is causing the stress, give it the energy inside you. Ask it to help you transform the stress into an answer that will heal your world. Many of the times we say the stress is from a person or situation, but it is not, it is from the feelings we get from that person or situation. Now you may say this is the same thing, but it is not, our feelings are related to our perceptions situations. All perception is filled with what we think of the person, our past experiences, and how we are feeling in general at the moment. Now, when I understood this, I panicked, I realized at that moment I could not trust anything I thought. You have to trust your thoughts, but now, you have slowed your thoughts down enough to act differently. You must try to take out the truth in the situation and act upon it, not what you thought it was before.

Thought momentum can be slowed down in all sort of ways, but never alone. Always know all of your power to change is from the energy within you. So. ask it to help, and listen to your inner energetic guidance.

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