Sunday, March 27, 2011

People are Blessings

Everyone in your life is a blessing, even if you can't see them a such. We all have people that are thorns in our side, but those are the people that we are to learn from the most. We learn to overcome adversity through these people and we have those that are so apparently blessings to give us reprieves from the pain of the others. Do not think that you can rid yourself of the people that rub you the wrong way. They are the people that make us reflect the most, and learn the most, about ourselves. Everyone that is in your life is there by divine energetic plan. You could have taken another turn and learned something along the way that made you skip the person. Energy makes no mistakes. We are with these people because we are best suited to learn from them and they are best to learn from us.
It all seems so impossible. Life seems chaotic when we live it, yet there is a perfect order to energy. We are energy that attracts the very circumstances that we need to grow and learn about our very selves. Learning about ourselves makes us conscious about the very energy we are and the energy that ruins the world. I do not want you to take my word for any of this. Practice it yourself. Sit quietly and feel the energy in and around you. As you become more aware of yourself as this type of being and start to live through this feeling self, you will see that you are a blessing and all around you is a blessing.

We run on energy and respond to it, as it feeds our very life. We all want to serve this energy. We are tripping over one another to do charity these days. This is a call from the energy itself, a movement to be our higher potential. It feels good and we forget our little lives when we think of serving the people in our lives. I will admit the people that are hardest to see as a blessing are the very people that we need to serve the most. We are their blessings and they bring out the best in us, they become our blessings. It is all a circle of energy to live on.

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