Sunday, March 11, 2012

Defy Gravity

    It is incredibly hard to change your reality; as we know it. Yet many say it can be done. I can assure you that you can and will. Time teaches you all you need to know and perseverance will get you there. With everything you learn you are letting go of all you used to know. In the end you are left with the present moment; I agree there is some times that you think of the past but it holds no weight. The weight in your thoughts is what stops your thoughts from transforming our future. It has the tendency to make you tired all the time because you are thinking of things that make you upset; that emotion is sitting in your psyche. Weighing you down with negative emotion, this cycle your mind becomes addicted to; the constant negative state. It brings a sense of power; because we are perceived as better than the situation that we are thinking about.
   I will tell you that this is were forgiveness sets in, as the miracle. Forgiveness is not letting go of the issue; it is letting go of the weight of the emotion in the memory. The lifting of the weight, or emotion, creates the opening that allows Grace to move in and create the movement needed to change life.
    We are all accustom to life as we know it, but we all want different than what we have. That is were the miracle comes in; we retrain our minds to have faith in the ability of Grace to change our lives. This is an agonizing process; but once you are on the road there is not turning back. That very same Grace starts to recruit you as much as you look for it.
     I have begun to see that it is a great power to create and it is a great responsibility to create with consciousness. That there is a sense of aliveness in the Grace that transforms our lives and it sure does fallow our lead. I also know that we are sure to have to let go of all the emotion in the past events of our lives before we are clear enough to defy gravity in the time it takes to transform our lives.