Monday, March 14, 2011

Levels of Reality

There are different levels of reality, they coordinate with your emotional development. One person can believe that it is "OK" for them to do something that another person would never do. This is common, but what you do not see is that it is an emotional intelligence level. That is not to say that you can assume that the person is bad, dumb, or wrong. You can, however, say that they do not understand. This is a big thing. We like justice and being right. We humans will go to great lengths to prove our "rightness." Once you start to learn emotional intelligence though, you see that they are right, and so are you. They are right in accordance with their own emotional development. You can not be mad and help them learn a different way. We all need to learn on our own time. The one thing you can do is accept that they do not know, and walk away. Other people's emotional intelligence is not your responsibility, and it is not up to you to show them how what they do is making others miserable. It is your inner energy's responsibility though, and it will teach that person. If someone is repeatedly making these level mistakes, this is your guidance to move on. The energy inside you is telling you thet you two are not a good fit, and you shoul find someone else.
I recently met a potential friend, I was happy because I had just moved to the area. Now this person is working under the belief that it is her responsibility to raise the neighbor kids, because their parents work a lot. Well, when I was younger and had my first child I thought the same thing, that it takes a village to raise a child. I will still agree, this is true on one level. Yet from another level, it is an excuse to vent you anger and point of view on others. I did feel that way then. The energy of the world sets us on a course with the people in our lives because we will learn best from them, not the neighbors. Now I have grown to understand that it is my full responsibility to raise my own kids, I understand a level of intelligence that others do not know. I also understand it is my moral duty to raise my children in this way to create a better world, I do not want others to raise my kids. I do not want a lower level of perception to take root in there young minds. So you see, she is right and I am also right, and that was the parting of ways for me. She can have her life as it is and I want mine, untainted buy her beliefs.
So reality is not as cut and dry as we would like to think. You have to protect your reality if you know that it is right and that you are teaching it out of the energy of the universe. If you are teaching your level of reality and it is not in harmony with your inner energy it will feel wrong. You will feel bad about it, or it will cause chaos. You will know the right, or highest level of reality, when you are at peace with the feeling it gives you.

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