Friday, March 25, 2011


Consciousness is living every moment with the knowledge that we are energy beings before we are human beings. This means that we are to look and feel that energy in all that we do. It is a slower and more humble life. It takes time to see all as a whole and not just from one's own point of view. It also brings out the best in all of the people we deal with. We all want to be seen as beings with the potential of the best the world has to offer.
I can tell you a story about how energy keeps us stuck, or frees us for the best. I have a family member that has the money in the family. This person doles it out when we get into a need for it. But, this person's background thought is that we do not learn from our mistakes. Now I can tell you I know my mistakes, but there is an irresistible urge to not give the money back when I have it to give. I know because I am conscious enough to feel this pull and let it play on my thoughts for a day or so when I get money. My thoughts are that I should pay it back, but that I need so much else and that this person will not think better of me if I did pay it back. She would not, you know. People with this mentality need to think ill of others to feel better about themselves. So the energy universe, of which we all are made, gives us the energy to play out this drama every time we have the chance. Others do not see us as whole when they have background thoughts of our not deserving of their charity. They are seeing us as a problem and this energy keeps us as a problem in their lives. Their very thoughts come into our energy field every time they think or talk about us. It is the very energy that they are emitting that keep us acting badly in there eyes. If I was to win the lottery I would pay this person off in behalf of all the family and friends that she is always mentioning that owe her money. I want them to be free of the energy pull that it creates in their lives. I want them to heal, to be whole.

I can not stress this enough. It is this kind of consciousness that we need to free ourselves of the problems in our lives. I also feel so much better to have seen someone for the energy that they are. I am so happy to treat them as a whole being and know that I have added to the healing of the world. Consciousness heals us and that is what heals the world.

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