Sunday, March 20, 2011


We all need affirmations. But, did you know when you don't say them to others, that has its own energy pattern too? I am not telling you that you need to go around telling everyone that they are great, and that they do great work in this world, every time you talk. I am saying that you know people that are working hard and you decide you don't like all that they do. Or, that you don't feel like being nice at that moment, but you have the feeling you should say something nice. Those are the times your energy is sending the message that you don't think they are worthy.

I have lived the majority of my life with people that did not like what I had to say. They just did not want to be better people at the times I wanted them to be better. I still live with people that do not want to talk to me because they just do not want to hear that there is an entire reality other than their own. We say short nice things in passing, nothing in depth. I crave talking in depth. It touches my soul and no other conversation is more satisfying than one that has touched my inner being. Needless to say, they want to cut out my authentic self. That is the energy they convey unknowingly. Silence is not always a call for peace, although it can be used that way. It can also hold its own energy when you use it with emotional immaturity. You can use silence in the opposite manner also. It can be a call for peace. You have to be conscious of what your energy is conveying and do it with purpose. If you are using silence for peace you will have to occasionally say nice things to show that you value what the other person is doing. The consciousness itself will have the power to transform the energy to convey what needs to be said.

What I am talking about is the things you know you should say but don't. We all have gotten the feeling that we should say something nice and not said it, ignoring our inner energy. Those are the times that you are using energy to think "I don't want to," and that sends the other person the message they are not worthy of your respect and honor.

On an energy level though, the energy itself is talking to you in its own language. It is teaching you that you are worthy. The energy will show you that what others say is not a reflection of yourself.  They just may be too immature emotionally to be able to say nice things. This is so hard to see when you are not feeling strong and taking it all personally. The energy that you are worthy comes out when you stop and think, "I do do great work." Energy itself is trying to get you to a point that you feel worthy, so you can then follow its guidance. Following guidance is hard to do because, most of the time, you can rationalize your way out of it.

Feeling worthy is a feeling of confidence in your inner self. When you follow it, peace will prevail.

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