Monday, April 11, 2011


When you repeat behavior it is an opening to look at how you feel. Many times we think situations in our lives are different, but if you look close you will see that they are related. If you have your feelings hurt repeatedly, think about why. Ask yourself how you need to feel and what you really want the other person to be like. Ask many "why" questions. Keep asking why, until you have an answer that is deep in your soul. Use this information to understand reality of expectations.
I have an acquaintance that feels left out a lot. When others have an activity planed, if she finds out, she will say they left her out. She also projects this on her kids, saying others have left out her kids. I have another that repeatedly feels unloved. This person needs to hear "I love you" many times a day, and judges the barometer of the relationship on it. A whole world is built around how many or little "I love you's", they get in a given period of time. This same person needs to hear that I want to see them, verbally. It is not enough to feel safe with how well we get along. If "I cant wait to see you", or "I can't wait to hold you", is not muttered, he thinks I do not like him enough. The real energy is that of insecurity, and it is a demanding energy. I have broached the subject, knowing full well that I have no control over admitting the issue. These fears stick deep in our psyches. We disguise our fearful  behaviors in good motives, projecting on to another's our own lack of respect.
When I would find myself in these situations of pain, I would sit and think how I may have added to the situations. Many times we, ourselves, can not see the situations clearly because of the cloud of pain we emit. When you sit and ask the inner energy to help, the true reasons are revealed. Somehow that energy  helps us understand our true fears, and our fears reveal our true motives.
True motives, our minds cannot handle, they are so painful that we have to hide them from ourselves. But, true motives cause repeats in pain we experience. The way out of the repeated pain is through the inner energy.

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