Sunday, April 17, 2011

Mother's Energy

Mother energy is a path you are called to live by your inner energy. We all live out energy patterns, they define our lives and they are a starting point that evolves and matures us to emotional maturity. In the beginning we have a baby and fall in love with it. But this love we find as we grow becomes unconditional over time, it changes its own parameters and the parameters of our lives. When our kids do something we think wrong, we listen and find that, that is what they need in their lives. Sometimes we find that it is not what we wanted, but it works, because it is what is needed in their lives. It opens our minds about how love is, when it needs to support others.
Mother energy is also very protective, now I have seen a mix of ability to live this, but I will say it. A maturation of mother energy is protective over all else. Protection is a primary need for children, they need to know that someone is in there corner. This brings an emotional safety to there world they do not have otherwise. I, and I see, many others struggle with this one because we fear abandonment. The reality of the situation is that when we protect our kids it is always the right thing to do. They see that you are trying to look out for their best interests, even if you do not succeed, they see that they are worth speaking up for and that their needs are important to you. This promotes their knowledge that they, and their needs, are worthy in this world.
Even within relationships I have learned the ways we emotionally abuse each other. As a mother, I have done my best to inform my kids and those around us about abuse. The one thing I have found is that I am proud of the knowledge I have gained and the ability to live it through my inner energy. When I speak up to someone I know that the energy that supported me in speaking up will make the changes. I see that even if the person does not change or stop the behavior.
I also know that this is the same energy that is of the universe, it in itself is a mother energy, protecting us as we walk, guided, on this path.

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