Monday, April 11, 2011


When you cooperate with your inner energy it cooperates with you. I was at the store today and witnessed a mom, so frustrated that her kids kept asking for more. I know that feeling, I have been thinking of this for a few weeks and it has gone from me feeling as if my kids do not cooperate, to the world not cooperating. I started to see that it is not all these people and things, but me. My kids are not supposed to cooperate, they are kids. The world is not supposed to do it either, but it will; when I cooperate with it.
We are not entitled to anything, but when we follow the energetic rules, we get back what we put in. It is like following the rule of gravity. We do not think of the rule, we just follow it and nothing falls on our head or toes. So if we follow the energy rule that what we think about is what we get; it works.
What I realized was that I was thinking that things were not working out the way I wanted, so they weren't. I came to understand it was the last of my old thinking that I just did not believe in how this energy thing works. What I know now is that I was just looking for it to work in one area, it sure has worked in a lot of my life. I have countless things to say have improved and have countless things to be grateful for. I have sat with my inner energy and come to see that I had a residual feeling of disbelief. It resonated in me like a nervous cat. I let it go with the help of my inner self and now have a peace deeper than I knew could exist. All of a sudden I feel like the world is cooperating with me. As if it wants to cooperate, and all of my interactions have gotten better, smoother.
I guess I have to say to cooperate with the energy of the world you have to feel it cooperating with you. Even when you think it is not helping, working things out; you have to feel it cooperating. The energy works out all things when the time is right for all the people involved, but it is still cooperating. I know this because I feel it now.

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