Sunday, April 3, 2011

Mind Your Own Business

Did your mom tell you to mind your own business when you were a kid? Mine did. But, I am sure she did not know the extent or depth of what our business is. When you start to communicate with your inner self you will find that you still chat and think about others and still try to figure out what they do, or what they are doing, means. The truth is, that it is not something you can change, are supposed to change, or need to know about. I know, now you say, "but they effect me," and they do on some level. You effect them on the same level too. Let me explain this. When you think, yes, just think of someone, you are putting yourself in their body. You may think this is impossible but the truth is that you are energy, and not a body. You do not have the power to control people as in the movies, but you do have the power to control them in a energetic way. You can very well think good or bad about someone and have them feel good or bad in their own head. They may complain that they do not feel well or feel out of sorts. The other person will not know it is you but they will blame something in the outer world that irritates them. Now if you think something good about them they will feel good around you. They will eventually start to feel good and become happy. I know. I do this with the people I live with. People act out the energy around them until they become conscious of energy and that they are energy beings. When you become aware that the world, people, and collective energy itself can effect you, you can choose to mind your own business.
Now what I mean; to mind your own business is that you only pay attention and live through your own energy flows. This takes time, practice, and knowledge of how your energy feels. Energy comes in when you are around someone, or they think of you, and you may just have a thought of them. You may have some insight or intuition about them, but not all information is to be acted upon. Some intuition is for you to understand them, and be able to stay away from them. You may feel that they do not like you or feel their judgment. Do not respond. This information is to protect you! It is allowing you to move away from them with no conflict. People are allowed to have different ideas and they do not have to understand yours. As a matter of fact, you will do more damage by telling them your ideas. Now, if you get the feeling in your throat to talk, you must. This is the energy to speak up. Energy will use you to further itself and a restriction in the throat or feeling of movement to speak is guidance to tell your side. Always follow your feeling, and do it even when you do not feel you have anything to gain. It should be a gut reaction, working with you heart. You can redeem a situation by prayer. This is the knowing that your inner energy will use what you have said for is own use.

The key is, to do this and not think about it again. Leave it to the omnipotence of the universal energy. Minding your own business is knowing that you can only control your self, thoughts, and reactions. The rest of life has to come from the an energy larger than your self.

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