Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I have to tell you, you will not be able to live with integrity until you have fallowed your inner energy. When you live life, it is in the physical world, and we share, barter, and steal in this world. There is not integrity in this life, because you will always need something that you will rely on others to help you get. If you know their energy, which we do, and they will not help unless you lie, steal or shave the truth, you will not be able to live in integrity. Now when you move your thought into your energy world, that world starts to help you get the things you need with out those physical world means.

At some point in the transition I started to question how I could teach my children the value of honesty and still lie around them. I had a long talk about it with them, explaining how important it is to live with generosity, not judgment. This energy of generosity is giving and people do not feel obligated to lie to you to get what they need. I also explained that when inner energy is the way we express ourselves we feel confident enough to be honest, and not let others judgment, rule our minds. It is through living in that energy that we become better people and then we start to define our selves as the good people we are.
It all has a snowball effect. Being able to live with integrity creates integrity. Living through inner energy is freedom of the heart that you are creating in a whole way. Until you have this view, safety in the truth is not a concept we can live by. We are unable to feel safe moving into the unknown, to create total honest lives. Little by little, the energy world brings you into living through it, creating a world of integrity.

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