Saturday, April 2, 2011

Beautify The World

I am so happy for the neighbors! They are doing so much outside work and making their and our world nice. I know it is strange to be happy for others' prosperity, but it is mine and yours too. In the world of energy the higher truth is that all is one. So, always be happy for any beauty prosperity brings. It brings up the collective energy of prosperity its self.
As I was growing I saw others unhappy about others' gain, or find some fault in it. Now I understand they just did not, or do not, have the same knowledge that I do about it being good for the world. Still, I see others complaining about the progress and finding problem with the construction. Yet I keep peeking out the window to see how well it all looks. I love the idea that people get what they want and need and when it is over it will look so pretty. I also love the idea that when you take the time and money to invest in something it has energetic love and devotion in it. It glows and shines with your attention.
There are some homes you drive by that have a lackluster air about them. I always think, "wouldn't it be nice if they would just buy one gallon of paint a paycheck?" Invest a little at a time, and over time, their home will have that loved look. Beauty is part of our souls, it is a reflection of the infinite depth of what we are. Beauty is a calling, just look in nature. It is the result of our blossoming in mature growth. You can see the evidence of what I say all around you this Spring. We all feel a true connection to nature. It is because we are truly connected to it. We are it. When I had a home, I used to sit on the couch in the front room, in the quiet of the night, and think of how beautiful it all was I also felt so prosperous. I would sit there and feel the beauty peace and contentment of myself and the world.
So surround your self with the beauty you love, and know you are that beauty. Feel the beauty in yourself and love the vast infinite being you are.

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