Friday, April 29, 2011

You Are Right

I have come to understand that others are always right. Even if I am right for me I know that others are right for them, and that leaves me wrong, in there eyes. There is grace in this is knowledge; that I am strong and defined by my choices not defined buy others perceptions. I have thought that I was defined by the way others saw me. Then I realized that they are never going to see the real me; they are looking at me through the lens of there thoughts. So everything is filtered and interpreted through how they are relating to what they see.
Others do not see that I do things out of the love of grace, they see that I am doing what I do through how they think. To finally understand this and to come to terms with the idea that no matter what is said, I will be wrong in the majority of others lives, is a humbling experience. It keeps me in the knowledge that I must keep my energy in a state of humility. Knowing that all I do can be interpreted in two ways: I want to emanate to the world that I serve it and not myself. The energy itself that I serve is the very energy I emanate to. There will be others that do not see or feel my security, they are meant to move away, as I am meant to move away from them. I know my own intent, within my intent is the power I need to change the world.
There is a peace to knowing that they are right for them. There is peace in my heart that I do not have to go on and on explaining my point of view. A silent power has come to prevail in my world, it has come from the knowledge that you are right and that I am too.

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