Thursday, April 7, 2011


You are never indebted to another. People are inspired to help you. It is a calling from their inner guide. When the thing they are inspired to help you with is done, they can move on, or help more. If they choose to ignore their guidance, they will have to suffer the consequences. All actions of benevolence are of that same inner guidance. It is what we do with it after that may make it sinister.
Did you ever have someone that said,"All I have done for you, and you don't act grateful?" You can be grateful, and not agree with the bad behavior that they are trying to indebt you with. Gratitude is something you express in the moment. If you have to keep expressing it, you are catering to someone's need to feel great.
One of the things that I learned this summer is that each time I help another it is independent of my own agenda. Sometimes that same energy asks you to help someone you do not like, it is to help you grow. Working with others is a way to emotionally mature, this has to be done with a non-judgmental heart. If you find fault, or have a motive that serves you, it will be a problem of some kind in the end. Your inner energy is pure, and has its own form of protection for you, but you cannot doubt. It is in the very faith that you are following your inner energy that you have the protection.
When people try to indebt you to them they are only using the energy of guilt by trying to manipulate you to do what they want. We are all free and have the right to move on at any time. Now, I must say that like all things this also stems from a true sense of spirit. When you follow your inner energy, it does respond to your need's but it does not do so out of debt. It does this to make life, or itself, whole. We, the people, attribute all thoughts to how we see and think of things, so when we need something, we try to make those around us do them.
Here is an example. I moved this summer and befriended someone, well they pretended to be my friend. This person did not call me unless they wanted something from me. I was helping them and thought they would reciprocate, but did not reciprocate in a friendship that I needed or wanted at the time. This made me so sad in the beginning. You see, I had an agenda, but I also was talking to my inner energy. I started to see that what I was doing was independent of the friendship I needed. So, I began to help for the sake of helping, then I realized that I was helping that universal energy. I was creating a sense of peace in the world by bearing the burden of what needed to be done. It made the work light and a pure joy. It also brought me the peace I need in my life at that time. The situation started to change in my mind. Another inspiration came in, and I no longer had to help. That is when I moved on to this.
You see, your inner energy flows from one thing that is needed to another. You are never tied to your current people, places or things out of guilt. I do recommend to you to talk, and to feel your inner energy. Do this to see if you need to serve the people in your life more deeply. When you serve people you do not like so much you grow to know the inner energy that you are serving. If you are meant to move on you will with no animosity because you are serving the energetic whole, not the person.

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