Saturday, April 23, 2011

Emotional Assignation

Your thoughts have power, so every thought you think goes to a target. If you think negatively about others, judge them, find them wrong, you are emotionally assigning them. We have all done this in some form, to find something we do not like about others behavior and think or talk about it with another. This is a form of abuse that goes un-talked about. Many of us do not want to live up to this kind of integrity. We have a million excuses like "what will we talk about?", for instance.  The truth is that as we mature emotionally, we do have things to talk about, they are different things, like ourselves and ideas that we want to explore. Life becomes full of good things and better things to talk about. I have found that it is of no use to talk about the things I do not like, the power that is needed to do so is needed elsewhere. I like peace and what it brings with it, and you can't have peace if you are always thinking and discussing all that is wrong in your life.
I will be the first to admit that it has been a long road in learning this lesson. When you follow the guided way, you will notice patterns. This one is at the end of the pattern for me. The end always brings a little "hair of the dog", or a little of my own medicine. Gratefully, when I am about to learn something in the highest order, I have to experience it on the other end, the one I have been dishing out for years. It is not the easiest pill to swallow, but I know it is what I need to never do it again. Peace of following your inner energy allows you to see that others are "OK" if they do not do things the way you think is best. You start to see all of others' lives as the best they can do. If this is effecting your life, you know it is time to move on and let them have their views until they are in enough pain to change it.
In this way of pattern learning, we all come full circle to understanding that life is whole. That we did what we did out of energy, and now the energy is purified by the pain of the path. I have understood different levels of emotional assignation for a while, but it always has to run the course of knowledge to the knowing.

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