Tuesday, April 19, 2011


The truth of wholeness is that we live, feel and know we exude an energetic power. The path of wholeness is to slowly learn that you are emitting energy that changes the world around you. I have said this for a year now and it has been in my mind as a peace of knowledge, yet not as a from of living. This is two different worlds of living. We can know something as a form of knowledge we have learned, yet we have not known it as a way of life. There is an energy pattern hear that has to be lived.
A person can go to school for six years studying about honey, travel around the world lecturing about honey. They can call themselves a honey expert and have works published about honey, but have never tasted honey. They have never experienced honey, they do not know honey in there being, as an energy knowing.
Knowing the reality of what I say is to know wholeness and healing. It is to follow a path to your highest potential through living it; not studying it and acquiring more knowledge. Start your relationship with your inner energy now and start to experience your inner power now. Take the time to acquire the skills that help you feel the reality of this knowledge. Doing is the only path to knowing.

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