Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Home Again

Home is a energetic place of Grace, it is the space in time that you feel safe, at peace and loved. At times in life it may be in your mind and other times it is in a physical space. Yet at all times it is the place that you are not judged, condemned or kept down. This is an energy pattern, that we all evolve to learn, as the place of peace within no matter the circumstance of the outer world.
I have learned that we do not feel this grace until we learn worthiness. It comes through the constant criticism of others; it is the necessity of coming to the knowledge that we are great beings because we choose a higher form of thought in times of adversity. Others do not see our worthiness it is a silent path of kindness and love, in times that we are persecuted over our choices.
Our choices are not necessarily wrong in and of themselves, they are choices that do not allow others to control us. Our choice to think of kindness toward other when they are condemning us is a form or protection. It is the choice for power and not victimization. It keeps the energy of the ability to be strong, in choice, within our power. You see when others condemn you they are making you wrong, and they are energetically taking your energy power because they are right. All this is done unconsciously, yet it is the energy exchange that takes place in this world. this is the pattern that keeps people up or down, or up and down.
In the end we learn this pattern through the pain of life and come to love those that try to persecute us. Once you have learned; the persecution is over, you can move on with a love. This love allows you to say, they can have there thoughts and I can still be at home in my skin. Powerful to have made the choices that you have made.
When all is said, what I have learned is that home is within. It is the place that I am embraced with love despite my differences. Once we find this place we remove ourselves from those that keep trying to gain power through our choices. We also see that we have been this strong in the past and that it will never be any different in the future. We are home again, eternally at home.

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