Monday, April 18, 2011


The energy of the volunteer is of service to the world. Believe it or not, there is a quality of volunteering that you can grow and mature from.
At first, we are taught that we volunteer in the community. This is nice, but it is physical. It gets you acknowledgment. In a selfish way it lets you feel good because you have openly helped and the world knows it. The next level of volunteer is going to help others in hospice or some other kind of other pain. That starts to effect your life because you are getting involved emotionally. Now we all get involved emotionally, but that is not how you can help, to the best of your ability. Remember to focus on the good, or inner energy, is what transforms the situation.
The last level is when you learn to volunteer with something deep, like taking care of an aging person, or nursing. To be able to do this with out depleting your emotional resources is the highest form of emotional maturity. It is to learn that fallowing this energy is a calling, and that it has to be done in the energy itself, regardless of the outcome. That you do make a difference, even when no one acknowledges that. To know that you are part of a bigger energy and that energy works through you is the evolution of the volunteer energy.

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