Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Your inner energy is a magnet, that attracts to you all the things you think of. The pain of that is, that you may not like what is happening, so you will experience more of what you do not want. In the end the energy is making changes in your thinking, boiling down your thoughts to a simple one, you are cared for by me; the inner energy. The semi-conscious pain is a way to refine your thoughts and in the end, your life becomes peaceful, miraculous, and all that you want.
A long the way you learn that what you thought you wanted was not what you wanted, or that it is no longer needed. As you journey with your guide you will find that you are wanting different things and need things you did not know you needed in the beginning. Sometimes, you can boil down an emotion, or what you think you want, to a true need. Emotions are the perfect guide. You can feel the need of wanting to support yourself, and boil it down to an energy life lesson. This is the energy of self support, and freedom. Now, all of us need this for survival. So it is a big energy pull, but if you step back you will see that your are supported, even if that support does not come from who. or what. you think it should. Now remember that, energy rule "all is one", now you are being supported by yourself. I have for a long time struggled with this one, sometimes in my life selling my soul, or emotional development for support. We all do this at some point, but the idea is that when it is a common theme, it is worth understanding deeper.
Your universal energy will support you, monetarily if needed. It is the energy that creates, moves and redistributes money. All you need to do is see it the way it sees the money. I have been wanting to support myself for a while, but I have someone in my life that wants to support me. This has caused me a great deal of pain, because I would like to change the dynamics of that relationship. Today I gave up and asked for help, to see this differently. I guess what I am trying to say, is that, energy itself has to support you the only way it can until you see it differently. Now I see that the energy is in fact supporting me, the only way it can, because I think of it that way. Now I see it supporting me and have freed my mind of the thought of non-support. Changing my mind of its original medium of support, is the freeing of the thought of how my life is working, Now, a new thought of how I will be supported can come in. The new thought then can change the physical world.
Energy can and wants to change your life but the change can only happen as fast as we can let go of how we see the world we live in or how fast we can let energy itself be the only thing we think of.

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