Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Inner Connection

I went to a 'Ten Secrets to Inner Peace' class last night. Not because I felt a need, but I was being a bit of a groupie. I do admire the life coach that teaches the class, it was very general class, though. I think I could boil it down though to three real truths of peace.
     1. You have to want the peace above everything else in the world; no excuses!
     2. Peace or the practice of it, takes work, perseverance and true devotion! and more work! It is a practice in all you do and you have to live it. Peace does not come just because you added some new info to your life. The practice is to feel the peace with in you, at all times.
     3.You do not find peace alone; it is a guided path that you have with your inner power, part of peace is learning, knowing, trusting your inner self. Peace comes from the experience of feeling something bigger and better than you is at work in your life.
Now that being said all the rest can follow. Everything else in the class was about how to build the skills of practicing learning and experiencing peace from within. Remember the truth, that peace is a feeling you have regardless of what happens in your life. She mentioned simplifying life. Decide to let some things go until tomorrow, or make half, a portion a goal not he whole project. Practice giving. Do for others and take your mind off your own small world. This brings peace and helps you be happier to do the work that needs to get done when you come home. Go for a walk and practice breathing exercises. If you can't go out; breath with a picture of nature. Breathing exercises help immensely but you have to use them a lot to create new patterns of peace in your mind.
Connecting with your inner self, I like this one! It is more the reality of  how to get inner peace. The coach went through a body scan and this is part of connecting with your inner self. You can use a body scan to find stress points and release tension; this can give you instant connection to your inner self, when you get the hang of the practice. Once you practice the body scan a few times you can see the repeated places you hold tension this is a fast trigger to releasing tension. Look for the stress points first and your peace will return faster, after you get the hang of this exercise. Taking the time to connect with the inner self is finding peace in all situations. That is the peace. This takes practice, practice in peaceful times so that start to develop new patterns of handling stress before you have a stress meltdown.  Releasing all resistance, old pain and letting go of how we think things should be. All those things are blocks to the path of peace.
I still know from experience that you have to work on feeling your inner self and ask that for guidance.  When you feel and recognize the inner self you know peace. It is this relationship with your inner power that is true inner peace.

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