Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Inspired Thought

When you have a thought that is inspired, it will repeat on different occasions. This is a clue that you should follow the guidance that you have received. These thoughts will repeat in your head and make you feel good. They are also ideas just outside of your ability. Always your inner energy is pushing you forward, wanting you to learn and stretch out of your current thought. How fast you follow this guidance will determine how fast you change your life.
Be determined in thinking only of the step at hand. Your single-mindedness will keep the guidance in focus and protect you from faltering. Each step you follow will bring you closer to the life you will feel complete with. Sometimes the guidance does not fit in with what we think we want, if we follow it, we end up with better lives than we could have believed in.
I have been struggling with this myself. I have one friend that has helped me keep what I thought of as my life intact. Yet the reality is that I pray every night that my life will change, and I want it to change in a way that no one I know; knows much about. My inner guidance has been to let go of some of the involvement in this relationship; but for selfish reasons I never felt I could survive. I recently realized that I needed to spend more time with my inner energy; OK, I knew, I was avoiding the guidance. Now that I have followed it, spent just three nights just quiet, I feel more at peace.
My level of peace has increased because I brought my level of continuity up higher. Before I was thinking of my inner energy and then of I had a pain of loneliness I would call, fill my time with physical world things. Now I have found a deep peace in my seamless connection to my inner energy. I find myself eating less and thinking more about my inspiration, leaving the rest. There is always a thought that will let in a fear, show you a worry. Now I refuse to listen to those ordinary thoughts. They got me into this mess in the first place.
Thoughts of inspiration are easer to think about also. They release me from pain of life and create a new world that I know I will be doing more in service to the world. After all one of my inspired thoughts was to do this blog, and that has brought healing and peace to my life that I never had before.

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