Thursday, April 14, 2011

Love The World

You can love the world and do your best for it through your inner energy. When you feel your inner energy as something that is always with you; you are living through it. This creates the best world for the world. Each of us is a little world inside the outer world, all that we choose effects the world in the whole. We all fit together like clogs in a clock. When you access your inner world, through your inner energy field, you are cooperating with the whole universe.
Because we have such a limited vocabulary, in comparison to the universe, what we call the energy of the world equates to love. Love as the universe sees it is so vast, it includes all of the feelings of the world, but it is the depth that makes cooperating so worthwhile. When you cooperate with this feeling, you feel the peace and love in return, as if the energy itself is thanking you. What we call love seems so ordinary and selfish, once we feel the truth of the love we have with the energy of the world.
There is a quieting of the mind when we look for the feeling that connects us to the energy we have with the universe. Once we get quiet, the peace turns into love so great. After a while we see that we love all in the world, because all things and people bring the opportunity for that love in some form.
All you need to do is value that love more than every thing in this world. What you want will stay and the rest will fall away. So love the world as a reason to live the best life you can live.

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