Friday, April 1, 2011

I Know I Am a Problem

Yes, I know I am a problem. I can name many of the things I need in life that I cannot supply for myself right now, and remember when I say me, I include my three kids. So, the list is like this; food, clothes, electricity, water, gas, $250.00 a month for my car, a home and all the things that come up in between there when you have kids. These are all things that we all need in life, but, like many in this world now, I am at the mercy of others to fill those needs. I also know I can give a lot too, I have an eternity of unconditional love to give. That is something you cannot pay for; but I know it is what we all need just as much as the money it takes for all of those other things.

We all need something at some time in our lives. You cannot avoid needing something on some level in a life time. Even if you had a wealth of money for your lifetime, there would be times that you needed help of some kind. "I know," you say, "I will pay for it." But there are some things that money cannot buy. True unconditional love, devotion, time, compassion, and companionship. I know these have a wealth of value and that they are belittled in this world. I also know that even if the people that are supplying my monetary backbone find me a problem they could choose to love me anyway. I know I choose to love them even though they see and feel me as a problem. When they see me this way, they are saying what I give does not count. That's what I am really giving. My essential me is unworthy, because it does not buy something, or produce a physical result. These same people could see what I do and see me as a blessing, knowing that the world needs love at this time in history, but you cannot see two worlds at the same time, when you chose the physical world as your value.
I am well aware that some people in this life see, and express their feelings, that I am a problem. I also know that I am not a problem in the world that counts. I am a true blessing. My needs have the ability to bring out the best in someone or the worst. But either way, I have chosen to be a blessing to all, and to the world of eternal energy.

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