Friday, April 22, 2011


Healing is a journey of empowering others, situations and places. When you walk along your guided path you start to understand that your highest potential is your healing, and that it is the conscious choice to empower every thing in life.
The truth is that you can go to therapy for ever, trying to get over all  that has and is being done to you, but you will not heal from this. You will just become a complainer.
Healing begins when you see that your mind has to be in the current moment; and the current moment holds only the energy of your inner being. Your thoughts have to be with the power of the universe to heal you to your highest potential. You are nothing but that same energy; and you have to become what you are to allow the source to heal you.
I have a friend that says he does not want a belief system that makes him change his thoughts so far away from the physical world reality. He thinks that it is a form of lying, or denial to see life like this. The reality is that everyone has to deny the whole reality that they are who they are, to believe in the physical world. So which denial is the best? I have experienced them both and can say that to deny my true reality; that I am a energy being, is to embrace a life of constant pain, in some from. I can also say that to be an energy being and embrace this reality is empowering and a true joy.
Healing comes from the daily exchange of old thought to the new thoughts, of who we really are. When we believe and act out of our new reality we empower the world and all that is in it. Learning and knowing that every action is an opportunity to help others, situations and places; that is healing to its highest potential.

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