Saturday, April 30, 2011

Intuition as Guide

When I started this path, I wanted to know my intuition. Mostly I wanted to understand how it communicates with me, what I found out was that it was talking to me all the time, I was ignoring it. Inner energy is subtle and is drowned out by any fears. It is something you can not understand if you do not practice listening and following it.
In the beginning I was full of thoughts of how I was going to maneuver in this world, and the thoughts that others had put into my head about not being good, or that I would be poor if I took this path. All those fears and insecurities spoke louder than the reality that inner energy can overcome. Yet we all have these thoughts and worries, but they have to be brought to your attention before you can see them and learn differently.
Once we disconnect from the myths we learned to believe in, we have to deal with the myths that we create that we are entitled to a good life, or love in return. We are supposed to get them, but we are supposed to earn them also. From an energy level, we earn them and if we do not get them we can not be mad. It is either that we are putting our energy in the wrong place or we are not being patient. Either way we are not focused on giving. Giving is the key to endless return, on an energy level. The full measure of inner connection is to have the feeling of inner connect at all times. We are then open to feeling intuition all the time. All this happens at it own pace, and as soon as you are willing to follow.
There are many ways we can become intuitive and they are dependent on your personal skills. Each of us has unique abilities that connect us with our inner self, and theses are the ways through witch we can best help the world. We learn about our abilities through intuition itself. That is what makes us happy in an eternal way is what we have to give, like I love to help others. I brings me endless joy to know I am serving someone else. I feel this way in all circumstances, whether it be money, time or just a kind thought. Theses are energy levels in their own way, from lower energy of money to time witch is a middle energy, to thought a higher energy. When you cover all the levels it is an eternal gift, knowing that energy runs through you. This is the gift of connection to inner guide, and the true measure you are reading your intuition.
Intuition is a feeling that runs in our gut, or nervous system, so you have to practice sitting and feeling it so when you need it you can feel your way out of life's hard times. We are used to relying on our five senses, we get taught that in kindergarten. But to be your true self and be the most fulfilled you have to learn to be guided by your intuition.

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